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Octoberfest with Paulaner

When you think of Fall, do you think pumpkin spice everything? Not me; I think of Octoberfest because it is my favorite time of year. Most people think of just a drinking day, that might be true, but Octoberfest dates back to the 1800s. On October 12, 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig became King Ludwig of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. He introduced Octoberfest to Germany. The celebrations were held at Theresienwises (Teresa’s meadow in honor of the princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hilburghasuen), which included horse races. This folk festival runs from mid to late September to the first Sunday in October. With more than 6 million visits a year, it is easy to say I’m not the only one who enjoys this holiday if you can’t make it to Germany or your local Oktoberfest. Why not throw your own?


Let’s get everyone in the mood with some decorations. Take that tailgating tent out of storage and create your own beer tent. Go to your local dollar store and buy some large glass beer mugs. I suggest hanging streamers, flags, flowers, or wreaths from the ceiling or on the walls. Don’t put any decorations on the floor; you don’t want someone to fall.

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Find the perfect beer

I suggest Paulaner Octoberfest beer. Paulaner dates back to 1634 when monks were first starting brewing beer. Paulaner Octoberfest is only brewed for Octoberfest. This is the perfect and only time of the year to get this amazing beer. It is the perfect balance of malts(light and dark) to create a refreshing taste.

Dress the part.

Think about your girl dressed in her full dirndl: a flattering bodice, blouse, and a full skirt with apron. Don’t forget about your outfit. Lederhosen with a drop front flap with suspenders with a cross strap. With a white shirt, long socks, and boots, and topped off with a Trachten hat.

Bavarian Food

Have your guest coming back for more with Oktoberfest staples. If you think your guest won’t like the traditional dishes of Hendl (roasted chicken), Haxn (pork knuckles), and Steckerlfish (grilled whitefish on a stick). Maybe go the simpler road with Wurstl (sausages), Knoedel (dumplings), and Brotzeit(cheese and meat snacks). Brezel (soft pretzel) will always be a hit and get everyone in the mood.

The music

The perfect music choice will have your friends dancing. It will not be a party till the chicken dance makes your playlist. This simple, easy dance will get everyone to the dance floor.

I hope you enjoy Octoberfest as much as I do.

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