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A Fashionable Man’s Guide To Workwear

Business Casual
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A Fashionable Man’s Guide To Workwear

These days, business casual is de rigeur in most workplaces; however, that doesn’t mean that every fashionable man knows what he should be wearing to his place of employment. Unfortunately, this can lead to a fashion faux pas, which impacts negatively on your career. So, what does business casual mean today, and how can you make sure to avoid a fashion disaster when starting a new job? Here are some style tips to make sure have the appropriate Workwear, whatever the occasion.

Business Casual Workwear
Image by R A from Pixabay

Working In A Non-Office Environment

Many men no longer work in a traditional office environment. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can have a free-for-all attitude when it comes to dressing for work. It’s still important to create the right impression and to choose appropriate workwear. For example, if you work in a school, you may not need to wear a suit every day, but you do need to look professional and smart. After all, you’re showing the younger generation that it’s important to dress suitably for different occasions and to show a strong work ethic. If you turn up in shorts and a tank top, that won’t be giving the right message! Conversely, if you work, for example, in a commercial kitchen, you need to choose clothing which is suited to the environment. Chef pants which are comfortable to wear but which also offer protection are key along with a matching jacket and suitable footwear. Chef pants don’t need to be ugly or boring, but they do need to be practical. Luckily, there’s a great choice at specialist websites like ChefWorks.com, and you can see their selection here.

Restructured Office Wear

There’s no need to wear a formal suit if your workwear attire is business casual, but it makes sense to choose something unstructured yet professional-looking. Blazers worn as separates are a great idea. Choose a short-length jacket with no shoulder padding and made from a pliable, soft material such as Merino wool.

Casual Blazer Attire
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Soft-Collar Shirts

A stiff button-up shirt is too formal for a business casual environment. Instead, opt for a button-down with a soft collar in a soft fabric like Oxford. Alternatively, go for a grandad short for a more contemporary look – that means you can forget the tie. Polo shirts are another possibility, and they can be worn easily under a blazer.

Get The Trousers Right

If you’re wearing a shirt and blazer, forget tailored trousers. Instead, opt for khakis instead. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a polo shirt and bomber jacket, opting for tailored trousers puts the balance back on track. Take care to avoid shiny or thin material when it comes to choosing pants, though. 

Footwear is Key

With business casual attire, you don’t need to go for a sleek, shiny, or a smooth shoe. Brogues are always a solid choice, while loafers also work well. Avoid sneakers, though – they’re just too informal. A pair of suede boots are an excellent option in winter, but avoid any open-toe sandals – they’re not suitable for the workplace!