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Eat, Drink and Be Worried

5 Common Stress-Triggers During the Holiday Season, and How to Beat Them

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Eat, Drink and Be Worried

Is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season wearing you out? Does the franticness of the shopping, dinner parties and family gatherings leave you feeling tired, less than satisfied… maybe even sad worried or depressed? Do you find yourself counting the days until Christmas, not because you are excited to celebrate, but because you are looking forward to the relief of it all being over?

Eat, Drink and Be Worried
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. The stress of the holiday season can take their toll on all of us. The pressure of buying the best gifts, cooking the perfect dinner and making sure that family all gets along leaves many of us anxious and desperately wishing for it to all be over.

There is another possibility available. You can not only survive the holidays but thrive through them with ease and fun. Here are 5 common things that trigger holiday stress and what you can do to beat them.

Stress Trigger #1: The Drama of Others Around You

Tool #1: Ask “Who Does This Belong To?”

How much do you allow other people’s lives to get intertwined in yours? 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not your own; you are picking them up from the people around you. Ask yourself “Who does this belong to?” to help you determine the thoughts and feelings that are actually yours. If you feel lighter when you ask this question, the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are carrying are not yours. You are just aware. Let go of what isn’t yours and peace and joy will increase.

Stress Trigger: #2 Financial Pressure

Tool #2: Get Creative

If you’re stressed out financially, get creative. Gather your friends and suggest that you all give to a charity instead of giving gifts. That will allow you to spend your hard-earned cash on the people in your life that require it of you most. Or perhaps make cookies for those you care about. Those that truly care about you will be grateful for the thought and the time spent.

Stress Trigger #3: Long Days and Busy Schedules

Stress at Christmass time
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Tool #3: Take Time for You Every Day

The additional activities of the season can really start to wear us down. Plays and events for our kids, office parties, family get-togethers. All of this leaves us running around trying to accommodate everyone. Even though the extra hustle and bustle may leave you feeling as if you don’t have time for you, taking time for you is a must. Even if it’s 30 minutes a day. Go out in nature. Take a bubble bath. Read a good book. Dance. Whatever is fun for you and relaxes you, make time for those things. Make time for you.

Stress Trigger #4: Unhappy People

Tool #4: Spend Time with Friends that Make You Smile

Ever noticed that people tend to be crankier leading up to the holidays? Ever tire of going to gatherings with people that you work with or people that you call family that are generally just unhappy? Not so much fun for you. Don’t spend your time only with the cranks.

Write down the names of five people that put a smile on your face. Make plans to hang out more with these people during the holidays. In fact, call them and schedule it in your calendar. You’ll be amazed at how it will de-stress you and give you the energy to handle the other (less-happy) people you are obligated to be around during the holiday season.

Stress Trigger #5: Expectations of Others

Tool #5: Choose What Works for You

What if this holiday season you could take a look at what would be fun for you and what if you actually allowed yourself to choose it? We have this crazy idea that in order to prove our love and care for the people in our lives, we must sacrifice ourselves. We must make it all about everyone else. And, we must live up to the expectations and projections of others. Something else is possible. Kindness and care for others starts with kindness and care for you. What if this holiday season you included you in the festivities? What works for you? What would be fun for you? What contributes to you and your body? Get clear on these things and then CHOOSE. When you include you in the creation of your life, everyone benefits.

Regardless of what anyone around you is choosing, YOU can have the fun, magic and joyfulness of the holidays. Don’t take on other people’s drama. Don’t try to fix things for them either. If financial pressure has you down, let go of the idea that you have to buy expensive gifts. Get creative with your gift giving. Even with the busyness all around, make you a priority. Take time to be with people that make you smile. Most importantly of all, choose for you. It is very easy during the holidays to work hard to please everyone and to satisfy their expectations of what you should do and how you should be. Take a moment to clarify what you desire and do that. Use these simple pragmatic tools and enjoy the season.

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