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How To Be Dominant In Your Relationship

Women, in general, want to be submissive – it’s in their blood and DNA. It comes from millions of years of depending upon a strong man to protect her and take care of her, while she can raise the offspring, create a home, and care for the whole family.

The problem is that ever since the woman’s liberation movement, suddenly women became a lot more power-hungry in relationships and in the home setting. The demand for equal pay, equal rights, and equal everything pretty much messed up the patriarch structure of the family.

Now, don’t get me wrong – women are equal and it’s more of a good thing that they are getting better treatment. But at the same time, it sucks for a lot of guys because women take it too far. Every man should know the ways on how to be a better man in life.

The bedroom has nothing to do with how much money she makes versus you, but a lot of women want to make it a silent competition. If you cannot make enough money to feed the family and she has to work too, suddenly, you’re taken down a few notches in the respective category.

The reason why this is a problem is that women only give blowjobs to men who they respect and trust. If you lose her respect and trust, the blowjobs go bye-bye. Win the trust back with a lie detector test to prove your love.

So, what can you do in order to keep her respect and be dominant in your relationship?

According to experts from professional writing service CustomWritings, here are a number of things you can do:

#1: Be a good provider

I know this may seem obvious, but you’ve got to be a good provider. It doesn’t matter that much how you make the money as much as that you can and do. Don’t go into business with her – do it on your own. Why? Because if you do it with her and you break up, you’ve got nothing. Also, if you are the sole provider, she will be less likely to leave your sorry ass if you’re making all the money.

It’s a sad reality, but money really does play a big factor in maintaining dominance in a relationship.

But use it to your advantage. You’re a man. Go out there and slay the money dragon and bring that damn thing home…

Nowadays, being a good provider simply means making good money – more than enough to provide for you and your wife or girlfriend.

When you put yourself into the position of the bread-winner in the family, then she will automatically have more respect for you, and it will be easy to dominant the relationship.

If she already has a job, then do your best to make sure you make more money than her. The moment that she starts to make more than you, it could be the moment when things start to go downhill…

I know this sounds sexist or whatever, but, it’s the truth.

#2: Make the major decisions

Do your best to be the mature one in the relationship. Be the one who handles all of the money, and who mainly makes all of the final big decisions. Be the one who keeps a budget and who controls her spending. Let her have her say, but remember, you’re the man. You have the final say. If she doesn’t like it, then go get yourself another woman. Trust me – you’ll be glad in the long run.

I’m dead serious here. You don’t want to have a controlling wife who wears the pants in the family. If you have kids with a woman like that, it could end up in a divorce, and you’ll have to deal with her attitude and craziness for the rest of your life. Don’t do that.

This is how you dominate a relationship. You make the decisions, and you make the decisions right, whether or not you made the best decision or not.

You don’t have to be a jerk about it to her. Just put your foot down when you need to, and don’t back down. What is so freaking crazy is that most women want to be put in their place, but they’ll never admit to it.

I know that I sound very politically incorrect here, but seriously, I’m looking out for you, brother. I don’t give a damn about being politically correct when I know how a controlling woman can really f**k  up your life.

The bottom line is that if you’re struggling to make enough money, you shouldn’t be in a relationship anyway. What you should do is get your financial act together AND THEN start to date again.


#3: Be the alpha male

Let me explain what it means to be an alpha male. When you go on dates, you never let a woman pay for anything. Also, you have the night planned beforehand so that she doesn’t have to. You are the leader. The friends that you have to look up to you as the leader, and if not, you get new friends.

You pretty much demand respect. You respect and honor yourself. You work out. You’re in great shape. You have an attitude that you could take down anyone who tries to mess with you, either physically, verbally, or otherwise – even if you can’t, you’d die trying. I’m just talking attitude here.

You are a confident guy, but you watch after your tribe, which is more than just your family and includes all of your friends.

In addition, you are into self-improvement and personal development, and you strive to be the best that you can be at everything that you do. But, at the same time, you’re able to laugh at yourself when you suck at something.

You’re real. You’re honest. You have high integrity. You keep your word most of the time unless dire circumstances keep you from it.

That, my friend, is an alpha male. And that, my friend, is the type of guy that women drool over.

When you embrace your alpha male self, you naturally are the dominant one – but not just with your girl and in the bedroom, but in life.

#4: Get more blowjobs

When you are the dominant one in the relationship, and when she sees you as an alpha male, she will be begging you to unzip your pants so that she can serve you, her master. If not, then here is what I would do…

I wouldn’t even ask her to give me one. I’d pretty much guide her towards it, and be a bit demanding. When you ask for a blowjob, that’s weak. She’s yours, and she’s going to do what you want her to do. That’s what being dominant is all about, and from her perspective, that is what being submissive is all about.

If you are a true alpha male, it won’t even be an issue with having to ask for it. It’s like a catch 22 but in a good way. She sees you as an alpha male, and so she will want to blow you more. The more that she does it, the more submissive she will feel and want to do it even more – a vicious cycle, yes.

But that’s a good, vicious cycle, don’t ya think?

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