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How To Pair Designer Sneakers with Pants for A Trendy Outfit

How To Pair Designer Sneakers with Pants for A Trendy Outfit
Photo by Yannic Läderach on Unsplash

The man who is passionate about fashion, eager to look his best in every situation and show off trendy outfits, must pay close attention to match each pair of pants with the right pair of shoes.

Among the most fashionable and versatile ones are sneakers, which are no longer intended only for an audience of sportsmen but are also perfect for those who love casual chic looks. By focusing on exclusive luxury men’s footwear with Italian design, it is possible to give a surprising touch of class as much to an outfit consisting of a jacket and pleated pants as to one consisting of slim-fit jeans, a shirt, and a blazer.

In this article, we will find out how to best match luxury sneakers with pants to flaunt, in any context, a perfect and trendy look.

Sneakers with shorts or long pants

Luxury sneakers are available in so many colors and patterns. This makes it possible to find the perfect shoe to match short pants—Bermuda or cropped—as well as long ones. As for the latter, you can choose both ankle-length models and those that go over part of the shoe.

If you decide to match sneakers with elegant bermudas, it is preferable to go for white, black, or two-color models with clean lines, perhaps with logos, while with casual bermudas, green light to sneakers with modern lines, even enriched with touches of color or simple decorative motifs. The same rules apply to crop pants, to which, however, it is preferable to match shoes with low soles.

Moving on to long pants, if they reach the ankle, you can opt for models with clean lines, monochrome or original prints; to best enhance pants that come down over the shoe, on the other hand, it is preferable to opt for two-tone sneakers, with soles—preferably high ones—that are a different color than the upper or uppers of the same color as the pants.

Color combinations

In fashion, colors can really make a difference. A wrong pairing can completely ruin even the most polished outfit, making it appear excessive, trivial, or simply out of place in relation to the context.

As for pants-sneakers pairings, a green light to:

  • footwear in the same color as the pants;
  • white sneakers, timeless must-have never out of place;
  • footwear that picks up the color of a detail of the pants;
  • shoes in a similar color as the pants for layered looks;
  • sneakers in any color and shape and jeans or cargo pants.

To give movement to the outfit, green light also to sneakers in a bright color that contrasts sharply with that of the pants, but only as long as these go to compose a monochrome look, such as total black.

Formal contexts

Those who want to show off, even during dinners with their bosses or at important meetings, with an elegant look but with a sporty touch can replace the classic lace-ups or loafers with luxury sneakers with logos, preferably black or two-tone and with linear shapes.

As for pants, great choices are straight fits with pleats and regular fit models made from soft, fine fabrics that go over part of the shoe.

How to complete the outfit for a fashionable look

Matching pants and shoes in the right way is, as we already mentioned, essential. However, this does not mean being able to complete the outfit with random pairings. On the contrary, it is essential to pay attention to every detail so that you can pull off unsurpassed looks.

In formal settings, for example, you can complete a look consisting of black logo sneakers and black regular-fit pants with a classically cut black jacket, white shirt, and tie. A long camel coat can be worn over the suit.

For less formal settings, the combination of white sneakers, straight-fit pants, a gray jacket, and a white T-shirt is a great choice.

Leisure looks allow much more free and original pairings. You can use sport slim-fit or straight jeans, white or colored sneakers, also made from denim fabric, paired with t-shirts and shirts, and outerwear with a casual taste. If you want to create a casual chic look, a green light to pair sneakers and white t-shirts, blazers and slim-fit pants in dark or neutral colors.

Featured Photo by Yannic Läderach on Unsplash