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The Must-Have Grooming Tools For Xmas

We get it, it’s winter and your face feels cold. You don’t need an excuse to wear a beard. Most people feel they do, and that might be because of the poor condition of their facial fuzz.

There are many methods and tools you can use to groom your face and your hair and Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on ideas, products and tools to gear your face up for the coming year. Keeping a good hairstyle and a well groomed jaw is a good goal for the modern man and can help keep your face shipshape. Keeping a well groomed beard and pairing it with a good hairstyle can make anyone looking incredible. It’s time to look at the tools that can help you achieve this.

A good beard brush is a great start for men with any length of facial hair. It doesn’t seem like this should be a ‘must-have’, but it really is an absolute essential. A regular brushing will ensure that your beard stays healthy and in the best condition possible whilst directing the growth of your beard into the direction that you desire. A boar bristle brush is perhaps the best option on the market and will condition the hairs with every single brush. There’s no exaggerating the weight of this purchase and it’s great for everyone trying to tame a beard!


Beard balms go hand-in-hand with a beard brush. If you don’t have a brush, you can massage the balm into your face to moisturise and condition the skin underneath the beard as well as the hairs on top. Balming a beard can turn a coarse, bad beard into a soft, nice beard. Of course, if you’ve got a brush, the beard brush can spread the balm through the beard, giving you an even finish. The sibling of a beard balm is a beard oil, which has a similar effect. It’s worth trying out both products to see what you gain. This can be found in something like the Burly Fellow Beard Care Kits.

A beard trimmer or grooming scissors should be owned by anyone serious about facial hair. Every beard, even the longer ones, need a good trim now and then to keep the hairs from curling too much and to keep your beard in order. Some parts of the face will speed the growth of the beard giving it an uneven or patchy look. You can curb this with regularly barbering of the beard, so it’s good to have the option to trim the beard yourself.


Finally, you might want to take your face-care to the next level by purchasing a good straight razor. This will last you decades if taken care of and can be a real heirloom in the family.

There are plenty of options on the market this christmas so make sure to do your research and purchase the products you’ll get the most out of. But, after all – you can’t go wrong with a good balm and a good brush. That will be enough to get you started.

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