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Festive Activities during the Holidays in Bali

Half of the world’s population is used to a tropical Christmas: a holiday spend with sand, sea, and the slightest hint of cold in the night breeze. For other half, it is a novelty they indulge themselves in every now and then. They are used to a Christmas with snow, fireplaces, stuffing, eggnog, and so on.

But there is something completely unique about spending the holidays in a tropical country, one that is most definitely unforgettable. Yes, there is no snow or fireplaces; however, these places make do with activities they have in store for everyone in the holidays. And you know, where better to spend it than in Indonesia.

Bali has some of the most fantastic Christmas experience any place has to offer. You are probably looking into Bali holiday guides already, but take pause and look over our holiday suggestions once you find yourself in Bali for this festive season.

Family activities to join in

Even when you are at home, the holidays is the best way to sleep in and be comfortable. When you are in Bali, allow your family to get the full experience of being in a hotel where almost all of their whims are taken cared for. Hotels usually have a feast spread for all of their guests; sumptuous dishes provided for all kinds of tastes, you should definitely check that out.

Further, there are countless family activities that family can do around Bali. You can all visit Waterborn and let the kids run around and play at the waterslides. Parents can treat themselves in the sunken pool bar and cap the trip off with a massage. You can also go to the Bali Equestrian Centre for some horseback riding and go on tours while it is not too crowded with the post-holiday travellers.


Enjoy an intimate time with your significant other

Brunch is always a special time, not just for couples, but for everyone who has treated themselves to a time off. Get yourselves to La Lucciola for a very special brunch by the beach. After taking a Bali tour and shopping until you have been drained of energy, treat yourselves to a spa treatment. Go to Body Temple Spa or Maya Resorts Ubud for the most wonderful spa date. For a very classy afternoon, go to Conrad Bali for High Tea. Then end your date at Suku for an intimate dinner that ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

Party all the way


Of course, how festive will your holidays be if there is no party, right? Before partying the night away, though, you should get some sustenance. Grab a bite at Park23 Entertainment Center for their weekend food bazaar. Or if you prefer a cool place to hang, make sure to go to Cocoon Beach Club or KuDeTa.

When it is time to party, you can go straight for Bali’s top bars and clubs. Most popular for their holiday celebrations are Mint Bali and Mirror Bali. But if you want a relaxed evening with soft music playing the background, go to KuDeTa for a marvellous and serene holidays.

You can also opt to celebrate it the traditional way. Get yourselves to Arwana’s Christmas BBQ to get a good helping of grilled finds.

The holidays is a time for happiness, and what better than to make it special for our family or friends. If you find yourselves in Bali during the holidays, keep these things in mind make the season even more festive for you and your loved ones.

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