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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Betting Site for you

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Most Betting sites can be fun and also extremely lucrative should you get it right – you can turn money into a lot of money.

However, picking a betting website that fits your needs and one that you enjoy is important and here are 10 tips to find one just like that. There are also review websites to help you find some of the best betting sites for your daily bets.

Below are some of the top 10 betting tips you need to consider:

  1. What do you want to bet?

Bookmakers usually allow you to bet the basics-totals, straights, parlays, etc. However, not all bookmakers provide riskier markets such as quarter lines, half-time lines or teasers on events.

Some of the bettors usually have better betting selection than others. All the websites offer action on NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and college sports. There are those who offer a limited selection on more obscure events like tennis, NASCAR, UFC, soccer, golf, rugby, cricket, eSports, DWTS, Oscars, political betting, etc.

The difference among the bookmakers becomes even more evident with prop bets. This is due to the fact that it is much more difficult to set these lines and the book exposure is even greater. Because of this, only a few sites provide you with futures on sporting events or unique betting props.

  1. Website Downtime

Check out the company’s website at different times of the day especially during the peak betting hours and try to watch how the fast the site loads. You also need to check some of the links to ensure that there are no technical difficulties.

  1. Mobile betting

Even though we all love the internet, we cannot always be at our computers. This is why you need to see which other options the firm offers for placing bets. Some of the bookmakers usually offer smartphone and tablet betting and betting over the phone options.

However, you need to check if there are any restrictions associated with these alternative options as there is mostly a certain minimum bet amount and/or fees needed in order to place your bets over the phone with an operator. 

  1. Read some Sportsbook Reviews

What are other users saying about the bookmaker? Just as you should research when picking a team, you should also research in the same way when looking for your online sportsbook. Try to find as much as possible about a certain sportsbook before placing any bets.

You can find this information by reading bookmaker reviews online. To know more, look for: How to Pick Your First Online Sportsbook.

  1. A welcome bonus is not everything

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘if it sounds good to be true…?’ Avoid choosing a bookmaker just because it offers the highest welcome bonus.

Always remember that there are several shady online websites which offer 100%, 200% or higher bonuses to new customers. There are small, desperate operators who are almost becoming bankrupt, or even worse, scam outfits.

Bookmakers with a good reputation fully understand that they cannot stay in business if they give away the store and they see no need to.

The higher the amount of welcome bonus, then the bigger the rollover requirements that come with it. This is the number of times you should risk your deposit and bonus before being allowed to withdraw your money.

However, some legit sites will offer good betting offers initially, so it’s still worth keeping your eyes open.

  1. Minimum deposits are not always minimal

Find out how much initial deposit the company will require in order to open an account. The charges vary as some may only charge as little as 20 dollars while other bookmakers will require that you pay 100 dollars or even more.

Beware of higher minimums on bets placed over the phone as some companies may require as much as 100 dollars. Some bettors may be okay with this but others may not.

  1. Extra betting options are important

When choosing a bookmaker, most of the people are primarily thinking about betting sports. Keep in mind that there are other betting alternatives that are not offered by every company.

Some of these include casino, race books, lottery, poker rooms, and sports contests. The quality of each of these products also varies from provider to provider. Consider what you are looking for in respect to the betting action before committing to anything.

  1. Customer service counts

There is nothing more infuriating than having to sit on hold for 20 minutes waiting for help. You can check how a company’s help desk is like by calling, sending an email or chatting with the company’s help desk and asking a fake question. This will help you test the quality of the customer service staff. Do this before opening an account with a bookmaker.

Most of the call centers are usually located in offshore jurisdictions where English may not be the first language.

  1. Getting paid when you win

Even though everything else may be perfect, it will be useless if you will not get paid after you win. Check the site’s cashier page on information regarding fees, payout options, and expected time to receive your payments.

The most common forms of payment from bookmakers include Money Gram, Western Union, bank wire, check, re-loaded debit cards and bitcoin.

  1. Ease of funding makes a difference

If you plan on using your credit card to fund your account, this is a very important consideration. Most of the online bookmakers struggle with processing credit cards of their customers. Success rates are usually different but rarely get higher than 40 percent.

Most of them accept Visa but not American Express or MasterCard. When choosing where you are going to play, choose your top 3. So, if your credit card is rejected at your first choice, you can go to the second or third options.