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MyTopSportsbooks Guide to the Super Bowl

MyTopSportsbooks Guide to the Super Bowl
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Figure 1 The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sports event on the planet

We will go on and assume that you have at least heard of the Super Bowl. As one of the biggest sports events in the world, it has transcended the sport of football and has become a feature of the calendar, no matter whether you are into sports or not. 

As online betting laws have been easing all over the US in recent years, gambling on the Super Bowl is breaking records. The number of Super Bowl bets is growing all the time, and many of those people making their selections are not the average sports gambler – you may be one of them. If you are, we will highlight a few factors to consider when betting on the big game. 

Registering with an Online Sportsbook 

Before you start thinking about whether you will back the Rams to repeat, pick Brady to go all the way (yet again), or take a huge punt on the Jets, you will need to sign up for a customer account. Check that online sports betting is legal in your location, and then make some intense comparisons. 

If you are new to betting, it will seem as though all the sportsbooks look the same and offer the same things. But the details are everything here. Check for offers and bonuses, and then check the betting markets available and the odds on offer. You can use comparison websites, too, to find the perfect online sportsbook. 

Keep Up to Date 

The football season has only just begun, so there is no real point in placing a Super Bowl bet quite yet. You may well get very good odds for particular players and teams – but with so much of the season still to go, you are taking an unnecessary risk unless you are simply betting on the outright winner. 

For all other betting markets, you need to keep up to date with all the latest developments. That means taking notice of scores from teams and divisions that don’t feature your favorite. It also means keeping an eye on the injury lists. Football is a tough game, and if a big player is set to miss a few games, it can make a big difference. 

Check Out the Props 

You may have some basic knowledge of sports betting – and even of betting on football. But you may not be so aware of prop bets. Proposition – or prop – bets are wagers that are not attached to the final score of a game in any way. They are available for all NFL games but are incredibly popular for the Super Bowl. 

Our main piece of advice here is don’t get too carried away with prop bets. They are largely just a bit of fun – like how long will the national anthem take to sing. There are plenty of other prop bets that are more tied to the game as well. So that might be where to look if you want to test your football knowledge.

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Figure 2 You can bet on just about anything – including the singing of the national anthem.

Understand the Odds

This seems obvious to consider when it comes to any kind of betting, let alone the Super Bowl. But it is surprising just how many people bet on sports and do not seem to grasp the basics of how sportsbooks price games and the meaning of value when it comes to betting. 

Odds are all about the probability of events happening. The sportsbooks price these events accordingly, also considering how popular certain bets are. The value of these prices is therefore important. There is no point betting on an event simply because long odds are promising a big win. You need to be able to work out whether the odds are attractive enough for the specific event. 

Don’t Go Crazy with Your Betting 

The last thing to say when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl – is to have fun. This is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, not a way of making serious money. You are not a professional gambler, so don’t bet more than you are OK with losing. 

You should never chase the next win and get out of your depth with your betting. The Super Bowl is an incredible occasion, and betting on it for some people is enjoyable. If it’s not for you, don’t force the issue.

Featured Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay