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Fashion Tips For When You Turn 50: Breathe New Life Into Your Formal Wardrobe

Fashion Tips for When You Turn 50: Breathe New Life into Your Formal Wardrobe
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Hitting 50 can be daunting. You want to dress age-appropriate but still exude some youthfulness, which can be a tricky balance to strike, especially when you’re trying to rock formal wear. So, here are just a couple of tips that will have you breathing new life into your formal attire – for business and pleasure – to become a silver fox! 

Add a Pop of Color to a Black Tie

There are a few occasions in life when black tie formal attire is an absolute must. It might even be in the dress code that attendees are obliged to don their fanciest clothes to get through the door, be it a wedding, cocktail party, or casino. For this reason, this level of formality is often associated with exclusive places like casinos, particularly if you want to join a roulette table (thanks to James Bond). 

In fact, this style of dress is so ingrained in the roulette world that you’ll even see hosts and croupiers of roulette online for real money live streaming the game wearing black tie attire to provide an authentic casino experience. That said, the black tie doesn’t have to be fully monochrome. Just look at some of the hosts, for example – in Roulette Live, the croupier adds a pop of color to his black suit and bow tie with a pocket square, and in Mega Roulette Live, the croupier goes one further with a statement suit jacket. 

As we get older, that pop of color can really bring some youth to a formal outfit whilst still staying age-appropriate. A statement suit jacket in velvet or silk paired with black slacks can really elevate the formal black tie dress without compromising on the class. If this is too bold for your liking, a satin pocket square brings some color into the outfit without being too much – opt for a color that really brings out your eyes for maximum impact. If it is formal enough for casinos, it’s formal enough for us. 

Experiment with Statement Tops 

In more smart-casual settings, there is more freedom to experiment with your clothes – particularly when it comes to your top. In your youth, you likely stuck to collared white shirts and maybe even a tie, with either jeans, cords, or slacks. However, collared shirts like this can begin to age us as we pass 50 if they are ill-fitting. Instead of always going for your collared shirt, why not have some fun? 

The key here is to keep it simple. Whether you opt for a soft sweater, a t-shirt, a polo shirt, or even a roll neck, stick to plain colors for color blocking rather than intricate patterns. It’s also a good idea to stick to classic, dark, earthy colors like brown, navy, burgundy, and forest green or monochrome shades like charcoal, grey, black, or white.

Investing in simple pieces like this is a great way to inject new life into your formal wear without having to fork out for new suits. Next time you go into the office, try pairing a grey roll neck with your charcoal suit or a simple white cashmere sweater with your navy suit for a unique twist on business casual. 

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With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be better equipped to put your wardrobe investments to good use, building a sharp outfit that’ll work for everything from the office to black tie events. 

Featured Image by StockSnap from Pixabay