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Bloom With Pride: Sending Graduation Flowers In The Philippines

Bloom With Pride: Sending Graduation Flowers In The Philippines
Image by Trung Nguyễn from Pixabay

Say Congratulations Anywhere In The Philippines

The days of missing out on important milestones are a thing of the past, thanks to online delivery! With just a click of a button, you can easily send gifts anywhere in the Philippines! Especially during graduations. Many students would often apply to schools and colleges far away for different reasons, and thus, it’s harder to keep in touch with family members and friends. But now you can easily send a graduation gift to Manila, Quezon City, or anywhere at all!

Sending flowers can be a bit overwhelming especially for an occasion as important as a graduation. You’d want to make their big day all the more memorable but you don’t know where to start. No need to worrythis article will show you some tips and advice on sending the perfect gift to celebrate them entering a stage of life.

Learn The Language of Flowers

An important aspect about sending flowers is knowing what message your flower choice expresses. Different flowers have different meanings, and those same flower’s messages can change depending on the occasion. For this article we’ll look at flowers that are top choices for graduations.


The flower of love, perfect for any occasion where you are celebrating a loved one. During graduations, many would choose roses as their bouquet as they express affection and hope. It is a way of wishing for a safe transition into a new part of life.


The designated flower that represents friendship. A popular choice for students who would like to share their joy with their fellow graduates. With its sun-like blossom and bright golden petals, it’s no wonder that they symbolize happiness and warmth, perfect for a graduation gift.


Another popular choice of flowers for graduation bouquets. With their large blooms and vibrant colors, they express admiration and support. A wonderful flower that lets you say you wish them a bright future ahead.

Image by Monika from Pixabay


Known for their bright pastel colors and adorable blooms, they are a good choice for friends and family who will be graduating. They express the message of how proud you are of the graduate’s hard work and dedication they showed during their academic years.


An elegant and gorgeous flower for graduation flowers. They represent purity and innocence, expressing good luck and new beginnings for graduates leaving school and making their way into a part chapter of their lives.

Add Extra Sweetness In Every Gift

Sometimes, flowers aren’t enough to show just how proud you are of the new graduate. You’ll need something to make it even more joyous than it already is! Add some tiny gifts of appreciation to accompany your graduation bouquet. Like some chocolates or treats for them to snack on after the lengthy graduation ceremony. A piece of jewelry to commemorate the momentous occasion. How about a picture to memorialize the life achievement? Even something as simple as a handwritten card to say congratulations will make the day even more special.

Budget-Friendly Surprises Are The Best

One thing to consider before buying your graduation bouquet is your budget. Showing your support and admiration shouldn’t make your wallet cry, while it is tempting to go all out since graduation is one of the most important occasions of a lifetime. What matters most is the thought and message that you convey with your flowers, the amount of money you paid.

Consider getting a flower bouquet that only features one flowerWhile it may look boring, the message of congratulations and support is clear. If you still want to add something more for your bouquet, opt for herbs and greens instead of other flowers, this will better highlight your main flowers all the better.

Turn The Page To A New Chapter

Celebrating graduation with flowers in the Philippines is a long, beautiful tradition that shows how proud we are of the new graduates. Whether it’s a small bouquet or a big arrangement, giving flowers is a lovely way to say congratulations and spread happiness during the joyous event. It’s a way to show support and admiration for all the hard work the graduates have put in. So let’s put smiles on their faces with their diploma in one hand and a flower bouquet in the other!