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Emma Roberts – Scream Queen Who Thrills Across the Screen

Emma Roberts - Scream Queen Who Thrills Across the Screen
Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash

Moving from a successful career in comedies, Emma Roberts has become a household name who has risen from her early roots as a day-time TV teen idol to a well-rounded thriller queen.

Featured as both lead and supporting actress in various dark comedies and thrillers, and currently leading the ensemble of American Horror Story, the beautiful and talented actress has already created an indelible mark in multiple movies. But who is Emma Roberts?

Emma Roberts Biography

If the name “Roberts” sounds familiar, that’s because Emma Rose Roberts’ aunt is the famous actress Julia Roberts. With Eric Roberts (actor and martial artist) as her father, Emma comes from a powerful lineage in the acting fraternity. 

Emma, also known as “Em” among friends and family, hails from Rhinebeck, New York. Like any child, Emma enjoyed spending time with her famous actress aunt, Julia Roberts, and she grew up on or around movie sets. Unsurprisingly, from an early age, she wanted to be an actress. 

Yet, her first role would only be in 2001 in the acclaimed movie Blow, starring Johnny Depp, where Emma played Depp’s daughter in the crime thriller. Emma’s rise to stardom only began when she landed the leading role in Nickelodeon’s popular series Unfabulous.  

Like other Nickelodeon stars, Emma dove into a brief career as a singer and released an album titled “Unfabulous and More.” After a string of successful movies with Emma as the star, featuring light-hearted comedy and teen romance, Emma shifted her career toward dark comedy and thrillers.  

10 Fun Facts About Emma Roberts 

Curious to know about the likes and dislikes of this starlet? Here are 10 fun facts about Emma Roberts

  1. She’s of Irish, English, German, Swedish, Welsh, and Scottish descent. 
  2. Emma enjoys playing volleyball and swimming. 
  3. She has a son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, with her ex, Garrett Hedlund. 
  4. Emma can sing and dance too! She recorded songs for Ice Princess and Aquamarine.  
  5. The actress has shared the limelight with her aunt. Julia and Emma Roberts star in Valentine’s Day, but the two don’t appear together in even one scene. 
  6. Teen Vogue voted Emma Roberts the “Best Dressed” for four consecutive years (2007-2009). 
  7. Emma Roberts is worth a ton—her net worth from acting, modeling, and singing totals more than $25 million. 
  8. In 2009, Emma was Neutrogena’s brand ambassador, and she appeared in TV and print ads for the company. 
  9. She’s appeared in three music videos: Go Outside by Cults, Testosterone by Haziq and the Giggles, and Nice for What by Drake.  

The top-grossing movie Emma appeared in was We’re the Millers, which grossed $270 million at the Box Office.

Featured Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash