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Wedding Dresses for Every Bride: Find Your Perfect Fit

Wedding Dresses for Every Bride: Find Your Perfect Fit
Image by Ginger Palmisano from Pixabay

Women dream of the day they choose their dream wedding gown for this special day. Finding the right size and style is crucial for looking fabulous in person and in the many photos and videos commemorating the occasion. Discover how to find the perfect fit and design for a wedding gown.

Embrace the Weight

Often women strive to lose weight before the big day and then get frustrated when their dress doesn’t fit properly. Brides should embrace their current body shape and size by choosing a dress that fits now. There are countless gorgeous plus size wedding dresses that can be tailored if the bride loses a few pounds before the wedding.

Measurements Matter

Everybody is different, and a wedding dress should fit the bride perfectly from head to toe. As a result, it is crucial to take accurate measurements of the bride’s bust, waist, hips, and height to ensure the dress fits perfectly. As the big day gets closer, the bride can take additional measurements to see if alterations are necessary.

Know the Bride’s Shape

There are various body shapes, and certain types of gowns flatter them. For example, some women are pear-shaped, while others have an apple shape. Other body types may include a straight shape, hourglass figure, and large-busted.

Gowns for Pear-Shaped Brides

A pear shape means the woman’s body is fuller at the hips and rear with a smaller bust area. Empire waists and a-line skirts draw attention away from the hips and flatters these body types. Other options are a full skirt, open neck, and strapless gowns to show off this shape.

Dresses for Apple-Shaped Brides

For apple-shaped ladies, the narrowest part of their body is right over the natural waist at the ribs. An empire waist works well for this body type because it draws attention upward and gives a curvy appearance. Other options include full and a-line skirts for a shapely look that’s sure to grab attention. 

Choosing for a Straight Shape

A straight body is narrow at the hips, rear, and bust. A fitted sheath dress shows off this slender body type perfectly. For those who want to add curves, consider an a-line or empire waist for a curvier appearance that makes brides feel more confident.

Wedding Gowns for Hourglass Shapes

Brides with an hourglass figure have a full bust and hips with a defined waistline. The ideal dresses for this shape draw in at the waist to reveal the bride’s hourglass shape. Consider gowns like sheaths, wraps, and knits that make the most of your body type.

The Right Gown for Busty Brides

A busty shape means the bride is largest at the bust with narrow hips and waist. For those brides, a great gown brings attention to the rest of the body without focusing too heavily on the bustlines. Consider halter tops and v-necks with full skirts to add balance and bring the look together seamlessly so brides feel beautiful on their big day.

Choosing the right wedding dress makes brides feel happier and more confident about their special day. Taking accurate measurements, knowing the bride’s body type, and embracing the right styles helps brides find the perfect gown. Shop around today and consult with a professional to learn more about selecting the right dress for each bride’s unique style and shape.

Featured Image by Ginger Palmisano from Pixabay