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Time to throw out those cotton undies

Have you ever heard that Doctors recommend that you wear cotton underwear? This is because cotton breaths better than polyester or spandex, allowing moisture to evaporate. As technology advances with the creation of fine fabrics, Hemp is becoming much more common; Doctors need to look at Hemp for our underwear needs. Hemp isn’t just for inhaling. It makes for a great fabric as well as moving forward to help save the environment through sustainable best practices. Wama Underwear is taking that step with an excellent underwear product line.


My wife and I were excited to compare Wama hemp underwear with our everyday cotton underwear.

  1. Color- with a few unique colors.  I picked bikini underwear for my wife in purple, tan, and black. The color isn’t as vibrant as with polyester or spandex. But that is perfect for us because we do not like bright colors.
  2. Feel- when we first received our order. Wama’s underwear felt like they were less soft than cotton underwear. But after washing, they softened up a little and got even softer after a few washing.
  3. Fit- their fit was perfect for my wife and me. For me, they fit perfectly. They have kept their shape and fit throughout the day, even after a few washes. Different from my cotton underwear, they start to feel loose after a few washes and wears. This is because Hemp is four times stronger than organic Cotton. My wife and I loved their breathability, keeping our privates fresh.
  4. Overall- We recommend Wama underwear. The prices may seem high for underwear, but Hemp is a stronger material than Cotton, so your underwear will last longer.

Here is a fun fact about Hemp Underwear

Hemp is one of the fast-growing crops, with maturity in 4 to 12 weeks, as opposed to Cotton, which requires 21 to 25 weeks for cultivation. It also requires less water to grow than Cotton making it more sustainable. Several other environmental reasons Hemp is better than Cotton are: 

Hemp is a carbon-negative plant, while Cotton is not. Hemp can remove around 1.6 tons of CO from the atmosphere. At the same time, Cotton causes high CO2 emissions.

Hemp fabrics can last up to 30 years, while Cotton typically lasts only ten years because Hemp is stronger than Cotton and will not rip as easily.

Hemp fabric is highly resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi due to the natural richness of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant.

Hemp only requires half of the acreage to grow Cotton.

There are many reasons to love Hemp fabrics, from environmental concerns to a longer-lasting product. Some may not be so concerned about these benefits, but one does not have to love Hemp just because of the environmental aspect because Wamas products are soft and feel good on your skin. My Wife and I thought that the Hemp fabric made our skin feel cooler than when wearing Cotton. Because the material lasts longer, stretches less, and has a soft feel on the skin, it makes a far superior product to Cotton. Why not give it a try and determine what you like best? Happy testing!