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Sexy Lingerie
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Baveni – What Men Need to Know About Buying Sexy Lingerie

Are you thinking about surprising your special lady with sexy underwear? Well, it might feel a little overwhelming when Buying Sexy Lingerie as a man, especially with the hooks and straps. Thankfully Baveni’s sexy lingerie business has provided us with an awesome guide on lingerie. Yes, it may seem confusing at first; however, this guide covers all of the terminology you need to know when purchasing lingerie for your special lady.

So, here is a guide we created with the help of Baveni on the ins and outs of sexy lingerie. 

1 Baby Doll

It refers to short, sexy, and swingy sleepwear that has matching panties. It’s the hot version of a nightgown. 

2 Teddy

It’s a sexy one-piece swimsuit. It’s very tight-fitting one-piece lingerie often worn with high-cut legs or a thong back.

3 Underwire

It refers to a small wire that runs underneath the bra cups. The underwire creates shape and offers more reliable support to the breasts. It’s the best for women with a more substantial bust or those looking to accentuate their cleavage.

4 Soft Cup

It is the opposite of underwire. It refers to a bra without a wire and provides very light support. They are the best choice for people with smaller and firm busts.

5 Demi Cup

These are bras where the cups are cut halfway to expose the upper part of the breast. They offer less coverage than a full-cup bra, but it’s more than the coverage of a balconette bra. It’s a very sexy lingerie choice.

6 Full Coverage

It refers to a bra that covers the better part of the breast. It offers the most coverage and support than any other type of bra. It’s the best choice for women with fuller figures or those who are more conscious.

7 Bustier

It is similar to a corset. It is a fitted one-piece bodice extending from the bust to the waist or the hips. Bustiers are worn for support and to maintain a specific shape. It’s made with flexible material or plastic boning running throughout the piece. It’s fastened with a hook and eye closures, unlike a corset.

8 Corset

It is tighter and firmer compared to a bustier. It comes with stiffer boning and a laced closure giving the hourglass figure when worn.

9 Waist Cincher

It is a smaller version of the corset. It comes up with vertical boning, lace-up, hook, and eye closure. A waist cincher is worn from the ribs to the hips. When tightened, it makes your waist smaller.

10 Boy Shorts

These are cute, lace, low-rise panties that hug your hips. They offer more coverage than any other type of panties.

Baveni Sexy Lingerie
Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

11 Thong Vs. G-string

Here, the butt is completely exposed. Both have a triangular panel at the front. The thong has more fabric at the back, while the g-string is a simple thin string, as the name implies.

If you find yourself drowning in silk and lace and don’t know what to buy for your woman, we’ll you don’t need to fret. Now that you know the names of the lingerie, it’s easy to pick the right thing for your woman. Here are a few things to consider when buying lingerie. 

Buying Sexy Lingerie, make sure to pay attention to the following lingerie choices:

1 Complimentary Colors 

Yes, you might have the idea of buying something red for your lady, but you are not sure if she will like it. Well, start by finding out her favorite colors. You need to pay attention to what she wears now.

Next, you need to find complementary colors for her skin tone and hair. If you can’t figure this out by yourself, you can always do a simple search on Google. However, you can’t go wrong with something in black. 

2 Style

Does she love girly or flirty stuff? Does she like wearing cute and flowery things? Is she dark and kinky or naturally openly sexy? You need to pay attention to what she wears now. Buying PVC and leather for someone who loves florals is a huge miss. 

3 Texture

Feel the texture of everything in the store, but don’t do it in a perverted way. If something doesn’t feel nice in your hands, you shouldn’t buy it. If it feels pleasant to the touch, it will feel pleasant to her body too.

Cotton lingerie is soft but quite dull for special occasions, leather and PVC are also fun but often harder to fit, and Lycra can be quite unforgiving but unsuitable for most women. In the end, you can’t go wrong with silk, satin, and lace. 

4 Simplicity

Strappy lingerie pieces might look good on a mannequin, but it’s tough to wear or remove. If you don’t know where the pieces go, it will be tough on her. Choose something simple, and she will love it. Make sure to get the proper lingerie size, and check out her closet for similar items before making yours.  You do not want to get the wrong size, trust me!

Featured Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay