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7 Rules On How To Wear All Totally Black Outfits

Black blazer
Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Black is the most stylish, fashionable, classy, elegant, slimming, mysterious and versatile color. Usually associated with sophistication, it looks good on all skin tones, with all hair colors, and for different occasions. You can hardly imagine your wardrobe without black clothes – their magic is essential for creating all kinds of images and outfits.

Endlessly timeless, black is so self-sufficient that it has no need in any color combinations and variations; however, it can be easily combined with all existing shades. The color black from head to toe has no limitations, you’re free to style it in your own way and get amazing men black outfits for you. But if your aim is a truly stylish image, it’s definitely not enough just to wear your favorite black clothes. The right way of mixing up the fabrics and shades of black (as well as some other issues) also plays an important role.

Total black is an easy and convenient way to look manly, stylish, and just on point. But it’s not always a win-win, though. The thing is, not all black pieces of clothing are made for each other. How to avoid the monochromatic outfit looking boring or like it’s a funeral image? Follow these 7 rules to stand out in your incredible all totally black outfits.

  1. Black Doesn’t Work with Cheap Material

When it comes to black clothes, the quality of the material is very important. Cheap fabrics age very badly, fading to an ugly gray, blue or brown after a few washes. Besides, the poor quality clothes won’t carry out the mission of total black – the creation of a luxury and a perfect outfit.

  1. Fit Is Essential

So, what is the difference between a boring outfit in the style of total black and a trendy, outstanding look? First of all, it’s tailoring and silhouette. Even if you wear classic trousers and a jacket with a black shirt, make sure that all these items ideally fit you, emphasizing your strong points (broad shoulders, strong arms, or a taut “booty”, for example). This will make your black-on-black super spick-and-span!

  1. Experiment with Different Fabrics & Textures

Create a multi-layered outfit – remember that lots of different fabrics and textures are available, so just mix them up. Such kind of experiments is very important for all monochromatic looks because the absence of color should be compensated with material contrasts.

  1. Add Contrast = Highlight Your Strength

Know your strength and emphasize them. Other people’s eyes will drift toward contrasting colors on black outfits, so if you add it, do it wisely. Spice up your look with bright details near the features that you want to show off, distracting attention from imperfections at the same time.

  1. Accessories Are the Key

If you are a desperate black clothes lover, take care of preventing yourself from looking too dull – put a cherry to the top of your black cake! Buy and wear more stylish accessories: watches, sunglasses, shoes, belts, backpacks, briefcases or whatever. But don’t forget to stick to one style in every detail of your image.

  1. Fit In with the Weather

Of course, you’re gonna look strange (at least!) wearing a heavy knitted sweatshirt on a warm sunny day, especially when it’s black. Be careful with the choice of your fav total black when it’s hot, it should be season-appropriate.

  1. Don’t Get Boring

Everything’s good when it’s not too much! Don’t turn your black outfits into a daily uniform, as wearing total black all day every day can and will get boring. Be contrasts-friendly, change the prints and colors to keep up with the fashion and stay interesting and unexpected in terms of your unique style.

Featured Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash