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5 Fun Storage Options to Keep Your House Comfortably Clutter-Free

Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

When you see beautiful, clutter-free spaces in magazines or on the internet do you think: “my home could never look like that!”.  Well, I am here to tell you that you are wrong.  Freeing your space — and your life — from overwhelming amounts of stuff doesn’t take superhuman effort. All you need is a little commitment, some planning to some basic storage hacks.

If you are keen to declutter your home but don’t know where to begin, then this article is for you!  Read on for 5 storage tips to keep your house clutter-free.

1)      Everything Has a Place

De-cluttering your home does not mean you have to get rid of everything you love to ensure shelves are neat and tidy.  A great solution to organizing and decluttering your home is to purchase storage containers.  A few handy ways I incorporate storage containers into my decluttered home is splitting my wardrobe into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.  This means half of my wardrobe is always neatly stored away.

I also use large bins in my children’s bedrooms and also a large stylish one in the living area for children’s toys.  My kids know to throw their toys in the container each evening so all spaces remain tidy.

2)     Live Within Your Means

If you live in a small apartment, don’t buy things that will overcrowd your space.  It is important to be realistic about how much stuff can fit neatly into the space you live in.  If you have recently downsized, don’t be overly ambitious about what you can bring to your new, smaller space.  So, let the size of your space dictate the amount of stuff you have. You can always find great home decor furniture & products from UrbanLadder that fit your budget and needs.

3)     Purge Often

A lot of us wait for the annual Spring cleaning to give our home a good purge.  Amy a manager for a maid service in Dallas suggests that in order to have a clutter-free home, aim for once every few months to set aside time to get rid of what you aren’t using or don’t need.  It may feel difficult at the moment, but your clutter-free home will thank you! This will also make cleaning your home a lot easier and faster.

4)     Junk Drawer!

Even the perfect clutter-free home will have a junk drawer.  The often-frowned upon junk drawer is a crucial way to contain small things that don’t deserve a container of their own, or that you need to access quickly.   Things like tape, scissors, and pens all deserve a home in a junk drawer.

5)      Shift Daily Habits

If you are accustomed to leaving things out on the counter for a few days before putting them away – try to change this one habit and get ready to see a huge difference. In our quest for a clutter-free home, I gave everyone in our house a color-coded basket in the living room. This basket is to throw things into a hat, jacket, shoes, socks or whatever seems to “shed” off you when you enter the door.

At the end of each evening, everyone is responsible for clearing out their basket.  This ensures the common areas remain clutter-free!


If you are looking around your house and feel like a tidy, clutter-free home is just impossible then you are wrong.  Give these simple 5 tips a try, and be patient with yourself.  Nobody is perfect, and nobody’s home is perfect. Even the perfectly organized homes on Pinterest aren’t perfect ALL the time.

So, if you have an off week, and suddenly your house is a disaster, don’t panic. It’s never too late to forgive yourself and try again.