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Top 5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

While you may have spent a great deal of time or expense constructing an outfit, sometimes your look can feel unfinished without an appropriate accessory to round things off. To ease that struggle, we have put together five of the most tried and tested accessories that you simply must own to complete any outfit at the last minute.


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory, for practical purposes as well as aesthetic. They will protect your eyes from UV-rays in the sunshine, which goes a long way in preventing long-term eye problems. Apart from that though, they look cool. That’s what it comes down to, after all.

Everyone from Tom Cruise in Top Gun to Arnie in The Terminator has utilised a pair of sunglasses. The key thing to remember, however, is that there a number of different styles of sunglasses to choose from, and you should go with a style that suits your face. This interactive tool from Sunglass Hut will recommend a pair of sunglasses for you based on your face shape.


The temptation is always to use a backpack or rucksack to carry your everyday belongings in. But while this is probably a more functional and comfortable option, you will find it difficult to make that look work with formalwear, or any outfit other than an outdoorsy one, for that matter.

A shoulder bag is the best option, giving you enough space to store your personal effects but also an additional element of style that more-clunky bags fail to offer. These branded shoulder bags from Kings & Dukes are designed with both purpose and aesthetics in mind, and offer an accessory that can be worn with formal or casual outfits.

Baseball cap

A baseball cap is a great optional style accessory that will also protect your face, or the back of your neck, from the sun in hot weather. Whether you are looking to emulate the style of hip hop stars with a front-facing cap, or you are more skater inclined and prefer the backwards cap, this item offers an accessory that is diverse, functional, and looks sweet.

For quite a minimalist look, check out these letter-embroidered caps from Amazon, where you can choose to have a single letter on the front of the cap. This letter could indicate the initial of your first name, surname, or perhaps you just want the letter ‘G’ because you ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang.


A watch is a great accessory to be worn with formalwear, offering a real power move for those looking to make a statement in the business world. Alternatively, if you’re sporty, using a sports watch could improve your performance by way of tracking your heart rate, distance travelled, and even calories burnt.

You should start by deciding the type of watch that is most appropriate for you based on your habits and lifestyle. This handy watch guide from Esquire explains how watches work, and why this is important, before outlining the many different styles to choose from — a great starting point for those who are new to the watch game.


While your wallet isn’t something that is on show at all times, it only comes out when there’s money changing hands — this is why you make sure your wallet is classy and stylish. Money talks, after all.

The Independent outlined ten of the most popular, fashionable, and functional wallets on the market, which you can use as a basis to choose yours. Pick one that is a reflection of your personality; you can tell a lot about a man from his wallet, whether it has anything in it or otherwise.

These five essential accessories can be used to complement any outfit, so they are great to have lying around for when your look needs a finishing touch.

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