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Luxurious London: Great Places to Visit in The Capital

Luxurious London: Great Places to Visit in The Capital
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Taking a family break doesn’t necessarily need to involve flights or travel abroad. Instead, you may be able to enjoy a couple of days, or longer, away without leaving the country. Many people enjoy spending a bit of time in London, the capital of England, each year. In addition to hosting a number of time-specific events, you might also find attractions available to you regardless of when you go. 

Buckingham Palace

While millions of people may live and work in London, its most famous residents may be, at times, the royal family. Out of all of their palaces, Buckingham Palace may be the most well-known. You can check both the Buckingham Palace visiting times and ticket prices online, meaning this could be planned before you even set off for the city. By booking ahead of schedule, you may also be able to check for any planned closures or refurbishments, allowing you to see when you could really get the most out of the experience. Alongside touring the palace, some people also enjoy watching the changing of the guard. You may want to be respectful inside and outside the palace and take note of any guidelines or rules in place. 

The Tower of London

Although technically another palace, the Tower of London is most often associated with torture and death, thankfully, that doesn’t occur today, but you can still visit this historic landmark. It is here that the two princes, Edward V and Richard Duke of York, were murdered and buried. Aside from its macabre history, you may also be able to spot the many ravens that make this tower their home or even get to see the Crown Jewels up close. While people of all ages may be able to partake in this tour, you may want to consider the content likely to be discussed and the torture devices that may be on display before taking younger children.

Sea Life Aquarium

Adults and children alike may love to see the wide variety of aquatic creatures on display here. First opened in 1997, this aquarium plays host to around 1 million visitors each year. While there may be some disputes regarding the ethics surrounding aquariums and zoos in general, you may be amazed to find out what an important role Sea Life London plays. Not only do they have a number of creatures on the conservation list, preventing them from dying out completely, but they may also be involved in a number of different projects out in the wild. On top of this, the infographics throughout the aquarium can help to educate young and old minds about the dangers to our oceans, as well as the planet as a whole.

Going on a visit to London can provide opportunities for enjoyment for all of your family. By considering the things, you would like to see, especially if you do not have similar attractions near your home, you may be able to set some plans before you depart. Don’t forget to visit the tea shops.

Featured Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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