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Put The Hawaiian Shirts Down: Get The Stylish Beach Look For Men

Summer is finally on the horizon, and we’re just about ready to hit the beach. Whether it’s barbecues or volleyball, it’s important to look the part, but comfort should never be abandoned either. Dressing well is the secret to looking cool, but also to staying cool. Avoiding embarrassing tan lines is also a bonus. Here’s how to get the look and stay cool on the beach all summer long.


Swimwear is the beach staple. If you’re a fan of the “budgie-smugglers”, then go for it – who are we to stop you? Others might prefer a slightly more covered approach. The board shorts are perfect for going from the hotel to the beach, from the beach into the sea, and back again. No shirt equals beach-ready, with shirt means you’re bar-ready. They’re fantastically versatile, but not great if you’re a fan of the all-over tan. Each to their own, though. And don’t be afraid of throwing a bit of color in there – if you can’t wear bright colors on the beach, where can you wear them?

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Many people prefer to wear sandals or flipflops on the beach for protection against hot sand and sharp stones. This year, it’s all about the slip-ons and flip flops. These are durable, and can go from beach to town comfortably. Premium quality beach shoes, made from durable rubber such as those from Havaianas NZ are perfect for the transition between the two, and look great to boot. They’re protective, long-lasting, and comfortable too.


Getting caught out on a sunny day without sunglasses is seriously unfortunate, so it’s best always to be prepared. Take a couple of pairs with you, in case of disaster, and keep one in your beach bag at all times. This year it’s all about bold frames and zany colors – don’t be afraid to make a statement.


The beach look needs a cool necklace or bracelet to complete the look. It doesn’t have to be anything too OTT, just a small pendant on a leather string, but it can add a point of interest to the style, without being too flashy.

Beach bag

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You’re going to want to be able to get your towel, book, sunblock, and any other items of fun to the beach – if you’ve never taken a bag with you, this is going to be a revelation. It just makes everything so much easier, neater, and a bag with separate pockets will help to keep the sand away from your cell phone, which could be a lifesaver. A tote bag or rucksack is all it takes, but it’ll make life a whole lot easier.

The look

Finally, the style doesn’t just stop at the outfit; it’s got to be about grooming too. Firstly, whatever you do don’t allow yourself to burn, it just isn’t hot. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF, and if you need a tan, go for fake rather than real. Your hair and your beard also matter, but you can get away with spending less time grooming, and end up a bit more “surfer cool”. Give it a go, you can always shave it all off and pretend it never happened.

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