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A Gentleman’s Guide to Fine Facial Hair

A Gentleman's Guide to Fine Facial Hair
Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

For what seems like an age, clean shaven or designer stubble was the way to go. Well, it seems that smooth faces are a thing of the past, as the era of well groomed fine facial hair has arrived. The same can also be said for male fashion models, who have evolved from perfectly polished to ruggedly manly, sporting beards and topknots.

Perhaps you have a beard that’s growing out of control, or you’re considering beginning your bearded journey. Whatever stage you’re at, here’s some advice to growing and maintaining fine facial hair.

A Gentleman's Guide to Fine Facial Hair
Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

Additional Effort Required

Regular shaving can be a pain, taking up a lot of time and causing trouble with irritated skin. These are popular reasons for abandoning the razor and going au naturel, but beards require dedication and commitment. You have to be prepared to put in the time and effort to keep your beard in tip top condition.

Style and Length

You may be surprised to know that just like selecting your hair cut, there are different styles and length of beard that suit different face shapes. There’s everything from the stylish shadow (a favourite of many male celebrities) to a full blown Viking-esque beard. The good news is, there’s a beard to suit every kind of face shape, so you can rejoice in your facial hair glory.

Regular Trims

Just like the hair on your head, your beard can get split ends, which can leave it looking messy, frizzy and untidy. To combat this, trim using a comb and an electric beard timer/hair clipper, or with hair dressing scissors. This will prevent your beard from becoming too long and stop it from looking unruly.

Products, Products, Products

Just as there are facial scrubs and cleansers, your beard requires a little TLC, too. It’s important to remember to clean your beard, as it can become dirty, hoard germs and even store miniscule pieces of food – delicious! Rather than using harsh soaps or shampoos, choose a beard cleanser that contains nutritional ingredients to soften the hair and nourish the skin. Then finish with moustache wax and a hydrating beard oil.

Tip: choose an oil that contains tea tree, a natural antiseptic that helps to prevent the dreaded beard itch.

Daily Routines

As long as you have a daily styling and cleaning routine, maintaining a beard is actually quite easy. To keep your beard in the best possible condition, clean and moisturise daily as well as trim regularly. While it’s important to pay attention to your beard, it’s vital to maintain the surrounding areas. Remember to always keep your neckline in check to prevent your beard from looking scruffy and giving you a dishevelled appearance.