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10 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Beard

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The relationship between a man and his beard sounds like an epic love story. Growing that impressive stubble can be exciting and tricky too. It isn’t about the no-shave November thrill but how to optimize your beard is something you have to keep up with on a daily basis. Individuals who think it’s all about growing facial hair and ignoring it end up getting it all wrong. If you keep a repulsive facial bush, it’s better to avoid growing a single strand in the first place.

Having a resplendent look on your facial bush is a matter of commitment and consistency. To attain that head-turning beard, a lot of work has to be done. This is where every man needs to have the right tips that will help them optimize their beard and keep looking admirable with a well-manicured face. Here are ten practical tips to optimize and keep your beard looking sharp always.


1. Be patient and ready

Keeping an impressive beard is about motivation and moderation. From the get-go, you need to appreciate that it will take some time to achieve a fully grown stubble. Once the strands start growing, you shouldn’t rush to get your trimmer. Letting the hairs grow will ensure that there is uniformity, both in density and length. Once the beard sprouts evenly, it will be easier for you to pick a style that matches your preference and, of course, the beard’s thickness.

2. Diet Right for Beard Growth

Individuals eager to own a trendy beard may be worried about the time it will take to attain fully fledged stubble. What you need to remember is that beard growth requires a healthy diet. At times, eating junk or unbalanced diets could be the reason why you end up with a patchy mess on your face. You should read up on the best diet makeup that will promote even and fast growth. Always include the vitamins (B5, B3, and B9). Beard follicles and beard growth hormones do well if you include leafy greens, carbs, fats, and proteins. If you eat foods that keep your testosterone levels intact, you don’t have to worry.

3. Be Wary Of Beard Products

A good number of men who want to fast-track beard growth tend to foray into the beard products market. Some products are scientifically proven, while others are plain useless. Before you spend money on these products or beard supplements, do your homework and read up on product reviews. Also, it’s important to learn and separate beard facts from the myths out there. Some beliefs out there are just fallacies, and they won’t help you achieve faster beard growth. One thing that will surely help you though, is by using a beard wash to maintain your beard clean always.

4. Match Your Beard to Your Face Formation

For your facial bush to look stunning, you need to tune it fine according to the immediate “environment” in this case; you should attune your beard in line with your facial posture and form. You must let the hair grow first and then choose to maintain a style that aligns with your face form. Anything else could end up looking asymmetrical and ugly. A striking beard should be aligned with your neckline. When shaving, make sure you run along the natural lines of your neck. Trim the neckline too high, and you will spoil the aesthetic charm.


5. Know-How And When To Prune

Clipping is a must for your beard to appear well kept. Even when you want to grow it long, you should know when to prune. Don’t just cut it unevenly. There is an art to it, and you should learn how to trim. Whether you want to have a long one or you prefer a shorter version, there are helpful tutorials that guide you to become the quintessential beard trimming pro. Also, there are beard-style images you can find online, and pick one that appeals to you.

 6. Wash Your Stubble

Your beard and basic hygiene should be inseparable. Right from the moment you decide to keep the stubble, you should wash it daily. Imagine a beard that has food particles, foreign material, and flaky skin underneath.  It’s important that you choose the right cleanser and not ordinary soap. Once you are through, don’t over-towel it; you could end up with split ends if not skin irritation.

7. Remember Beard Oil

Of the many beard products you should invest in is high-quality oil and balms. Cleaning is one thing, but you will enjoy that bright sheen if you have the right oils. Again, not every beard oil package you will find in the market works the magic. Do your research first to avoid buying oils that do more harm than good. When you purchase the beard oil, put your nose to work and get oils that leave behind a soothing fragrance on the soft stubble.

8. Train Your Beard

If you want to keep a smooth facial look, trimming the beard is crucial. However, you can keep your beard in shape by following a given routine. If you stick to combing the beard in a certain way or direction, it’s likely to follow suit. Brushing evenly will help disentangle spiraled strands giving you an even and smooth texture. It’s advisable to do the combing after oiling to avoid breakage. You don’t have to use all the force with your comb or brush, and gentle strokes will do.


9. Your Moustache Is A Priority

Too many brothers tend to focus on beard length, style, and shape at the expense of the mustache. You need to know that the beard is just as crucial to complete the whole picture. You should start grooming the mustache such that it takes a desired shape or style. A good comb and soothing oil will help build the density you need. From here, you have the prerogative to trim it to the desired form. Don’t let it grow too long or the hairs could find their way into your mouth; irksome, right?

10. Choose a Manageable Care Regimen

Growing and optimizing your beard doesn’t mean spending half a day every day at it. To make it easy, you need to choose and stick to a consistent maintenance schedule. If you have no clue, there are useful informational resources and forums on the web. There are hair and beard experts you can consult and keep a polished beard any day.

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