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Isle of Jura Diurach’s Own 16 Years

Jura distillery
Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Isle of Jura distillery, resurrected from the stones of a decrepit 19th century distillery in the 1960s, now produces a range of whisky from the lightly peated Superstition to the heavily peated Prophecy.  Called “Diurach’s Own 16,” Jura’s 16 year old offering is not peated like its siblings, and is usually considered a lightweight offerings from Jura, who describe it as follows:

Nurtured for sixteen long years, this is the whisky of choice for the people of Jura. It’s a subtle malt – unassuming, understated yet intriguing. Qualities often attributed to the Diurachs themselves. Understandably, the islanders are drawn to it above all others. To honour this unique bond, the symbol of the Diurachs adorns each and every pack.

Flavours of dark chocolate combined with oranges and spices leave a sweet toffee and honey finish.

Our tasting notes varied slightly.  We were hit by celery and watermelon on the nose, with a citrus and cherry pucker following through from nose to finish.  Also present is the Cinnabon experience — sweetened raisins, cinnamon, and hints of spice.  On the palate, a slight icing sugar dryness appears, followed by notes of leather and shoe polish with a touch of tobacco.  The celery from the nose re-appears on the finish, joined by other green veggies including brussel sprouts and iceberg lettuce.

Overall, a very pleasant experience, and a superb whisky for exploring the textural nooks and crannies of a subtle whisky.