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Drinkwel’s Life of the Party Kit

It’s no surprise that we at The Aspiring Gentleman are fans of Drinkwel, the multivitamin for people who drink.  Our experience with long nights of conversation and debate over scotch and cigars is that there exists a direct correlation between the heat of the debate, the number of drams consumed, and the ease with which one wakes the following morning. While we would all like to be Ian Fleming’s Bond, who consumes dozens of drink with nary an effect, us lesser mortals must take action to counter the combined effects of alcohol consumption and little sleep. Everyone has their hangover cure, whether it’s 2 glasses of water before bed (my long-time standby), a glass of water between each dram, or a caesar in the morning.  In a test we ran last year we uncovered a positive effect from taking Drinkwel. Whether a placebo or not, the effects were overall positive, and from experience we can attest that passing out Drinkwel at a party livens things up, as hangover-phobias disappear.

Drinkwel has had quite some success since our initial test in 2010, and they have recently released their Life of the Party Kit containing within a small tin 2 Drinkwel packets, electrolyte mix, a booklet of cocktail recipes, 1 pack of mints, and a set of health drinking tips including expansions upon “Eat before you drink,” “Drink water before, during, and after” and “Don’t mix.”  All statements we couldn’t agree with more.  While the cocktail recipe book wasn’t to my taste (no Old-Fashioned?), you can take our word that the party kit is a great talking point when you arrive at the party: everyone wants to try the “drinking multi-vitamin.”  Overall, definitely worth checking out; you don’t often find a conversation starter that doubles as a healthy supplement for a night of imbibing…