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The Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing Like a Professional

On the weekends, you might love the idea of jeans and tee-shirts but during the work week, your daily attire needs to properly reflect who you are as a business professional. Being well put together does more than just give you a few brownie points in the style and fashion department, it also provides a positive perception of who you are in the workplace. Therefore, it is especially important to choose your professional style carefully. You should create a wardrobe that symbolizes who you are. Paying close attention to details and other factors can help you to create the professional image you’re after.

The Male Professional Wardrobe

Men have it a lot easier than women do in the workforce. The male professional wardrobe is pretty much the same as it always has been. It’s simply a matter of taking basic professional dress code knowledge and adding a bit of your own personal style to the mix. As you’re building your professional wardrobe keep in mind that quality trumps quantity. In other words, it’s better to spend more money on things of quality than it is to have a bunch of cheap stuff in your closet.

The Must-Haves

There are things you must have in your wardrobe and then there are things that would be nice to have one day. Below, are essentials to any male professional wardrobe:

·  Custom Suit – The days of wearing slacks and blazer to a business meeting are over. If you want to draw the attention of others and attract new business, it’s nothing but the best. Bespoke suits are suits that are made from scratch especially for you based on personal material choices, style preferences, and measurements. Imagine the impression you’ll make when you invest in custom suits in Utah that have been shipped all the way from Europe.

·  Dress Shirts – Properly fitted dress shirts are also a must have for the businessman’s wardrobe. Not only should your dress shirts be pressed to perfection, but they should also fit well. Shoulder seams should be lined up accurately and sleeves should stop ¾ inches away from your wrist. A dress shirt that is too small will look distressed while a dress shirt that is too large will appear bulky underneath a suit. The right dress shirt should fit properly and not be too overbearing so as to take away from the rest of your attire.

·  A Pair of Black Dress Shoes – The right pair of shoes is necessary to pull off a professional look. While you can get creative with your shoes as you get more money, at the very least you should have a pair of sturdy, high-quality, black leather shoes. Black is a common business color that goes well with anything. As you’re looking for business shoes, however, be sure to keep comfort in mind as you’ll be wearing these shoes regularly until you’re able to afford more. Keep them neat and polished for longevity.

·  Accessories – A few more staple pieces you’ll need for your wardrobe as a businessman includes a tie, wallet, watch, belt, socks, a scarf, and perhaps even some sunglasses. Accessories can help bring more character to your professional style. You can get creative in choosing various colors, sizes, and patterns to stand out from the crowd.

Nice to Have

The above-mentioned items are a must have and should be invested in immediately. Next, are things that would be nice to add to your professional wardrobe, however, they may take a little more time and money to purchase:

·  Varying Color Dress Shoes – When you have a bit more money to invest in your professional look, purchasing more shoes is a great move. Your shoes are the finishing touches to your attire and can give your professional outfit a bit more personality. Brown, Navy, and even multi-colored shoes can look great when paired well with a nice tie, suit, and dress socks.

·  Colorful Dress Shirts – Eventually, you’ll want to break out of the monotony of the basic white, beige, and cream shirts every day in the office. You’ll want to branch out and start buying different color dress shirts to complement your style. While you may not want to go too bold at first, buying shades of blue, pink, green, and purple are great colors to start with.

·  Polo Shirts – On casual Fridays or days where you don’t have to be so dressed up, having polo shirts handy is ideal. Polo shirts are a common staple for business professionals. With both long and short-sleeve options available, businessman can wear polo shirt with a pair of kakis or a nice pair of slacks and a blazer and still look like they’re taking care of business.

All in all, it may take some time for you to create a full-on business wardrobe you can be proud of. However, by starting with the essentials and working your way up to the nice to haves, you’ll have a wardrobe that makes a statement every time you set foot in the office.

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