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El Rey del Mundo Petit Compania (France Regional Edition 2009)

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

Despite our Canadian roots, the El Rey del Mundo Petit Compania is the third France Regional Edition cigar that The Aspiring Gentleman has had the joy of reviewing.  At roughly 10€ each and measuring 5” (127 mm) x 50, the cigar is of very similar format and price to the previous Exclusivo Francias we have reviewed (the others being the Bolivar Petit Libertador (2008), and the Punch Small Club (2009)).  We quite liked the Bolivar, and had mixed feeling about the Punch; however, given that El Rey del Mundos are known to be light to medium in strength (in contrast to the Bolivar and Punch), we weren’t sure what to expect with this cigar.  After smoking a few of these, here’s our take on the El Rey del Mundo Petit Compania:

The cigar is a rich brown color, with only very minor veining.  While the foot was split on all of mine, this is my own fault, having poorly packaged them on the long journey from Europe to Vancouver.  After cutting, the stiff pre-light draw was all salt and leather.  In fact, this may be the saltiest tasting cigar I have yet encountered.  Upon light, the saltiness on the tongue is balanced by a heavy dose of spice, with flavors of nuts and leather coming through as well.  This stayed fairly consistent for the first third, with billows of smoke accompanying.  At the second third, the quantity of smoke started to decrease, and the cigar gave way to more peppery tones (despite this, I would argue that the cigar was consistently medium in body).  The cigar remained fairly stable in the last third, gaining a bit more spice and requiring a touch-up or two to keep the burn even.

All in all, I would highly recommend this cigar.  If you like salty, leathery flavors from a cigar that produces smoke in droves, this might be just the cigar for you.  Still widely available throughout France (and online, for the rest of us), pick some up while you still can.

Photos provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

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