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3wishes: Sexy Costumes, Lingerie, & More!

If you want to bring out that sensual side of you, look no further than 3wishes to find exactly what you’re looking for! This is a company that doesn’t see feeling and looking good as a bad thing, and they want to be the number one choice when it comes to finding the right high end dress for clubbing, the right lingerie for that significant other, or that naughty Halloween costume for a fun college party – 3wishes is unapologetic for their focus on making sure any woman who wants to look her finest has that option.

Sensuous Lingerie


The lingerie offered at 3wishes runs the entire gamut from very basic but beautiful tops and bottoms to the very specific like bridal lingerie, corsets, or even body stockings. No matter what flavor of lingerie you or your lover enjoy, there is going to be an incredible option to really spice up the romance.

Just a small sample of the lingerie offered includes:

– Corsets

– Body stockings

– Crotchless lingerie

– Pasties

– Bridal lingerie

– Teddies and more!

Sexy High End Dresses


Who doesn’t like a night out in one of the exclusive clubs in the city? The best dress is one that looks stunning, sexy, and stylish all in one design and that’s the idea in mind with each and every dress that is presented by 3wishes. There are every type of style, and for every body type. Whether you want to show your toned body with confidence, reveal long legs, or have something that hugs the figure, you will be able to find a dress that meets those desires.

Sexy Costumes

There is a wide array of sexy costumes available. While the many different sexy nurse and sexy cheerleader costumes tend to be among the most popular, there are many other options that are available, as well. There are many different naughty schoolgirl costumes, sexy superhero costumes, and others. Take a look at the wide selection and see what fits you.

Plus Sized Women Deserve To Look Good Too!


Women of all sizes deserve to look good, and that’s why a large variety of their lingerie, adult costumes, and dresses are made for women of all sizes. Ask about what plus sized models are available for each category and you’ll be able to find something that creates that sensuous look that is a perfect sexy fit.

In Conclusion

There are so many options when it comes to clothing, lingerie, costumes, or any type of clothing that makes you look and feel like your fully empowered and beautiful self. Why settle for a second rate feeling of sexy? Take a look at what 3wishes has to offer to return a stunning sexy self.

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