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Pros and Cons to Buying a Mattress Online

Buying a Mattress

There has been a major change within the mattress industry. Shifting away from large showrooms, many mattress companies have begun to offer their mattresses online. Nolah mattress comes to mind. They specialize in mattresses made for hot sleepers. There are numerous reasons for this change, most notably the technological developments that have shifted the industry away from the previously ubiquitous spring mattress design. Now mattresses are no longer associated with cumbersome transportation restrictions and can be delivered easily. This has led to the rise of many new mattress companies appearing and competing online. Since purchasing a mattress is not a regular activity, it is understandable that you may have some questions regarding buying a mattress online. To help, here is a list of the pros and cons you will encounter when considering an online purchase over an in-store alternative.


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By far the most notable benefit when purchasing online is the ease and efficiency by which you receive your new mattress. The main problem with mattress stores and the old inner coil mattress design is that they are immensely difficult to move since they do not compact well. However, with the rising popularity of foam mattresses, this issue is solved. Your mattress will compact easily, allowing it to be delivered quickly and without the hassle of getting it up stairs or through a doorway.


Since the days of showrooms are over, many mattress companies are able to offer their products online without the overhead costs of a physical store or a third-party seller. This has led to the cost of a mattress, which was once an intimidating price, to be lowered substantially, making this the best time to buy a mattress.


The rising popularity of online sales coupled with the new developments in mattress technology means that not only are more mattress companies appearing and competing, but their products are also being diversified. Now you have a greater choice of mattress selection than ever. If you are a side-sleeper, struggle with spinal discomfort, or an athlete looking for optimum recovery, there will be a mattress perfect for your preference and needs. Since you are no longer limited to the selection of a showroom, you can browse the huge selection of mattress varieties online with ease.


Try Before You Buy

Buying online means that you do not get to see the mattress physically before you purchase it. Since a mattress may still be quite a cost, this can deter some first-time buyers. However, due to the ease of delivery, returns are also as simple. This means that mattress companies can, and do, offer long-term trial periods for you to experience your mattress. You can spend weeks sleeping on your mattress before exchanging or returning it if you are not happy.

Foam Aroma

The downside to compact packaging is that the foam is typically packaged as soon as it is set. This means that, when you first open your mattress, it will have a strong foam aroma. While this will disappear in a couple of days (even quicker with the assistance of an open window) it can be quite the shock when it is not expected.

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