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Look Great. Feel Great. Be Great

When we are young boys, we spend our childhood’s wanting to follow in the footsteps of our sporting heroes and acting idols. As we get older, though, we start to realize that comparisons to other people are futile. The only man you should want to be better than is the man you were yesterday.

Unlocking the best version requires a lot of hard work. Perhaps the most important step, however, is learning to get your priorities in order. Before worrying about goals in your career or love life, it’s important to focus on yourself. After all, inner happiness is the foundation of a satisfied existence.

Upgrading daily habits is easily the perfect starting point. Here are just five simple steps that should leave you looking and feeling better than ever. If that doesn’t make you a better man, what will?

Get Your 40 Winks: For all the positive impacts you can make during the waking hours, a good night’s sleep is arguably the biggest influence of all. With this in mind, finding the right mattress and learning not to use your smartphone in bed should be top of the agenda. A suitable rest leaves you feeling energized and ready to attack the day ahead. Moreover, it will bring clear benefits to skin and other physical features.

Re-Think Shower Time: A clean you is a happy you. But did you know that your showering routines can actively impact your health too? Gain inspiration from James Bond, and you’ll soon see positive impacts without the need for any major life alteration. Let’s face it; any excuse to act like we’re 007 can only be a positive thing anyway.


Make Exercise Fun: How many times have you started an exercise plan only to give up after a few weeks? If the answer is “too many to count,” you need to start making sport fun once more. Training in MMA not only provides a fun environment that never gets boring. It also offers a full body workout to ensure you look and feel your best. Furthermore, the self-defense and discipline skills can only bring positivity to your world.

Drink More Water: Nutrition is a very complex subject. In truth, it would be very difficult to offer any real eating advice without knowing an individual’s specific situation. Having said that, good hydration is the starting point of any successful diet. Meanwhile, it can work wonders for your organs, muscles, skin and teeth. Quite frankly, if you’ve been ignoring this important element of your lifestyle, you must act immediately.

Remove Negative Influences: Making positive moves in your life is vital. However, it’s equally vital that you learn to overcome the bad elements also. Treating yourself with the occasional beer is fine. Then again, quitting cigarettes and excessive boozing can be the key to feeling and looking your best. In truth, it’ll probably save you money in the long run too. Most importantly, though, those successes will lead to a sense of self-confidence that cannot be beaten. The best possible version of you beckons.