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Five Things that You Can Do Only In South Korea

Seoul Korea
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If you are planning to spend your vacation in Korea, why not make this trip unusual? In addition to traditional activities like shopping, eating and visiting historical places, do not forget to add a few unique things that you can do only in South Korea.

Here is a short list of hints of what you should do in the first instance:

Participate in Mud Wrestle and Improve Your Skin


Korea is one of the world’s best manufacturers of skincare products. To promote amazing therapeutic effects of the local mud, one of the Korean beauty companies started an annual mud festival. Boryeong Mud Festival was first organised in 1998 and became extremely popular among the locals and tourists. Wrestling in mud will not just keep you entertained, but will also improve your skin. If you are not afraid of getting muddy and are ready to fight a little, take part in Boryeong Mud Festival

Visit Kimchi Museum

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Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

This unusual museum will tell you everything about Korean staple – kimchi. In fact, this is the only kimchi museum in the world. Kimchi is a traditional Korean meal made of fermented vegetables. By visiting the museum, you will taste not less than 8 types of kimchi, learn how to make it and observe bacteria found in it under a microscope.

Stay in a Traditional Korean House


If you happen to visit Gyeongju, you will hardly find a better place to stay than Sarangchae – a room in a traditional Korean house. By spending a night in one of the ancient Korean houses and sleeping on the floor, you will get a touch to a traditional life of local people. This will be one of the most unusual nights in your life. Whether or not you get enough sleep that night, you should visit a royal tomb park and Asian oldest observatory, located in Gyeongju.

See Gangnam Style With Your Own Eyes

Seoul Korea 1024x683 - Five Things that You Can Do Only In South Korea
Photo by Joshua Delica on Unsplash

Gangnam is nothing else but a famous district of Seoul. So, if you want to see the Gangnam style with your own eyes, find time to visit the same-name district. Nightlife is very exciting in Gangnam which is crammed with excellent nightclubs, the most famous of which is Noise Basement – the place where Psy shot a music video on his popular song. Noise Basement plays diverse music, from popular commercial songs, to hip-hop and Euro electronica music.

Visit the Biggest Church in the World

Yeouido Full Gospel Church has about one million church members and can hold around 26 thousand people during one Sunday services. Whatever your confession is, do not miss a chance to visit the biggest Christian church in the world.

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