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Tips for Choosing a Briefcase

A good quality briefcase will last for years, decades even. However, the trick is choosing one you like the style of and also one that you know is good quality. Fortunately, help is at hand to aid you in finding the right men’s leather briefcase for your needs.

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Leather Quality Matters

When you are looking for a briefcase, look for one that is made using a high-quality leather. A high-quality leather will improve with age. This means even after a decade, your briefcase will still look amazing. As leather ages, the color changes and develops a beautiful patina.

A men’s leather briefcase is durable, attractive and looks professional. Many say that the smell of leather reminds them of the great outdoors and masculinity.

The most durable briefcases are those that are made of full grain leather; however, top grain leather is an excellent and affordable alternative to full grain leather. Split grain leather is a thinner leather that is water permeable and does not last as long as other higher quality leathers.

Where the leather originates from also determines the quality of the briefcase. American, French, English and Italian leather are considered the finest quality leathers.

If you purchase a fake leather briefcase, you will be wasting money as it will not last long. The money spent on purchasing fake leather briefcases over time would more than pay for a high-quality leather briefcase.  Here’s how to tell if leather is real.

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Understanding the Different Hardware Materials

The hardware used on a briefcase affects the appearance, durability and price. The hardware that wears out the fastest are the locks, the handle, the zippers, buckles and shoulder strap fittings.

Inspect the briefcase and study the details of the hardware. Look at each piece of hardware, open and close the locks and zippers to see how they perform. If you will be purchasing your briefcase online, zoom in and look at the fittings. It is also recommended that you read reviews about the briefcase to determine if there are any known issues.

Hardware can be quite expensive and add to the overall price of a briefcase; therefore, the price is a good indication of the quality of a briefcase. Leather fixtures should be strong. A quality briefcase will use the highest quality hardware and fixtures which affect the overall price of the briefcase.

Which Is the Best Brief Case- An Attache, a Soft-Sided or Hard-Sided Briefcase?

The type of briefcase you should choose depends on your lifestyle and your occupation. For example, if you are an attorney, an attache case would be ideal. For those who travel a lot, a rolling briefcase is the best choice.

Messenger bags are not typically thought of as a briefcase; however, they are great to use on a holiday or if you work in a casual environment.

Hard-sided briefcases are the most common types of briefcases. They have been around for many years and are often carried by businessmen and businesswomen in the corporate world. Although briefcase style changes often, a high-quality men’s leather briefcase is one of the most sought after accessories in the business world.

Hard-Sided Briefcases

Hard-sided briefcases are light weight and have a rigid frame made of aluminum, plastic or sturdy cardboard. This style of briefcase does not have shoulder straps. Instead, it has a handle to carry it by. The briefcase can be set on its side or laid down flat. Generally, these briefcases have compartments and dividers that help organize your files and folders so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Attache Cases

An attache case is similar to a hard-sided briefcase; however, it has a slimmer profile and is more compact than the traditional briefcase. Because of its compact design, the attache case generally has fewer compartments and dividers.

Soft-Sided Briefcases

These briefcases do not have framing in the top. A soft-sided briefcase opens from the top and the briefcase is used in the vertical position rather than horizontally like hard-sided briefcases. A soft-sided briefcase has a detachable shoulder strap and a handle. This briefcase is easier to store when not in use. Although the soft-sided briefcase has a lock, it is easier to gain access to the contents of the bag.

The Durability of a Briefcase

When you are looking at a briefcase, you should look for the following hallmarks of workmanship.

  • According to men’s leather briefcase experts Rivello Leather the stitching should be tight, even and straight with no loose threads on both the interior and exterior of the briefcase. Reinforced stitching should be used to help protect against rips and tears in the vulnerable areas of the bag.
  • Opt for a metal zipper rather than a plastic one. When shopping, open and close the zipper to ensure it zips smoothly. If you are shopping online, look at the photos that show the zipper opened and closed.
  • On hard-sided briefcases, take a look at the hinges. You want hinges that are not rusted and are sturdy.
  • Inspect the handles of the briefcase. They should be attached to the briefcase with either metal fixtures or reinforced stitching. Avoid handles that are glued as they will come loose with time.
  • Finally, inspect the edges of the briefcase as this is the most vulnerable location on the briefcase. These areas are more likely to peel and split.

The Compartments of a Briefcase

Many people are surprised by the amount of items that can be stored in a briefcase due to its compact and slim design. However, most briefcases feature spacious compartments that allow you to store your laptop, files and other important papers securely. When looking at a briefcase, think of what items you will be carrying. Think of how each item can be stored in the briefcase to help you determine if it is the right briefcase for you. You need a briefcase with plenty of compartments to ensure that the contents are organized.

Rolling Briefcases

Finally, a rolling briefcase is perfect for those who are traveling. Many of these briefcases have a separate compartment that allows you to pack essential for your trip, such as a change of clothes, you mobile phone, wallet, keys and boarding pass.

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