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Couple’s Guide to Brisbane

Brisbane Botanical Gardens
Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

10 Romantic Things to Do | A Couple’s Guide to Brisbane

When talking about some unique destinations for a romantic weekend – the river city of Brisbane falls on that list. Brisbane has it all – something for everybody and every occasion. You can enjoy some elegant, high-end, sophisticated as well as some more casual, adventurous, and relaxing places. It is surely a perfect city for lovebirds aiming to spend some quality romantic time together. Learn more about our Couple’s Guide to Brisbane. 

Couple's Guide to Brisbane
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Enjoy some glamorous high tea.

The traveler’s guide to romance suggests enjoying a meal together. But this is something we all do quite often. What if we told you that you could spice things up by sharing a type of meal you surely haven’t so far? Yes, we’re talking about enjoying the exquisite and sophisticated high tea in Brisbane as it is a city that offers plenty of opportunities to try it. You can enjoy high tea on the waterfront or perhaps in some heritage building. There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a splendid view while munching on some delicious finger food and drinking some exquisite tea!

Try some exciting food on Eat Street Markets.

Eat Street Markets are food markets held every Friday and Saturday night along Hamilton Wharf on the north side of Brisbane – a perfect date night for a foodie couple! Asian style markets inspire them, and they are an infusion of different cuisines, some unique handicrafts, and many other things. While talking a walk through the busy stalls, you can enjoy some hot, delicious food from all over the world and indulge in one of the best market experiences. Besides food, there is some live entertainment and photo booths where you can take some pictures to make some great memories. 

Take a romantic walk through the city Botanical Gardens

Brisbane Botanical Gardens
Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

During your couple’s guide to Brisbane If you want to spend a fantastic day out with your soulmate, you can arrange to take a romantic walk through the city Botanical Gardens. It is a place filled with numerous colorful flowers and plants, featuring sculptures and ornamental ponds. It is a quiet spot perfect for a relaxing stroll in a place where time seems to stand still, where the sun shines warmly, where playful birds sing, busy bees buzz, and pretty flowers smell like spring. It is a superb overture for an upcoming dinner or lunch in the city of Brisbane. There are rarely things that can beat a romantic walk in a natural setting. Peace and serenity of these gardens are the things that attract lovers who wish to spend some time alone. You can use this opportunity to find out what your partner’s favorite flowers are and surprise them by ordering flower delivery in Brisbane. This will surely draw a smile on their face – it’s an ultimate romantic gesture!

Take your partner for a unique dining experience on a Brisbane River Dining Cruise.

If you have a special occasion coming up or simply want to pamper yourself and your partner with some extraordinary food and drink choices, consider a unique dining experience offered by Kookaburra River Cruises. You hit the jackpot for romance if you combine fine dining with splendid views of the Brisbane River. Just imagine sitting across each other, with city lights glimmering in the distance, some excellent selection of food and wine arranged on a candle-lit table and soft music going on in the background – this experience won’t leave you feeling indifferent.

Arrange a super-romantic picnic at Coot-tha Lookout

Nowadays, picnics are not that common, even though they are surely one of the most romantic things you can enjoy in with your soulmate. When you arrange that picnic in one of the most scenic places Brisbane offers, you are sure to have some fantastic time there surrounded by breathtaking nature and your better half. Sweeping views and idyllic sunsets are the things that make the Coot-tha Lookout a specifically romantic place. The perfect time to arrange this kind of date is on warm spring evenings or hot summer nights. 

Visit the Story Bridge for some breathtaking views

Visit the Story Bridge Brisbane
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The best place to enjoy some panoramic views of the city is the Story Bridge. It is a popular option for lovers (especially those who are keen on some adrenaline) as it allows enjoying the magnificent city backdrop as well as a fantastic view of the city of Brisbane and the river in the sunset. It is a perfect place to make some memorable photos. Amazingly, most people are the sun’s rays that pierce through the skyscrapers before the sun sinks into the water. 

Take a leisure stroll at South Banks Parkland.

Located on the Southern banks of the Brisbane River, South Banks Parkland is one of the most preferred recreational points in Brisbane. The setting it provides is suitable for couples that wish to take a relaxing and slow stroll along the river banks. Fresh air, splendid views, amazing natural features, calming sounds of the water, and generally, the peaceful environment are all the characteristics that appeal to many couples. Moreover, there is a wide array of high-end restaurants that offer great food and stunning views on the river, ideal for couples taking a break from the stroll. 

Take your picnic experience on a higher level – the Wheel of Brisbane.

One of the most prominent Brisbane landmarks – the Wheel of Brisbane is a popular destination for visitors who are not afraid of heights. The romantic rides offer some breathtaking views on the city. An enjoyable activity you can pre-arrange is a sky-high picnic – a surely unforgettable experience! Its name, a VIP Sky High Romance Package, is fully justified. Imagine riding the wheel, enjoying some spectacular views, and sharing a meal with your soulmate – what a delight! 

Brisbane River
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Organize a sunset paddle along the Brisbane River

There are so many romantic things you can enjoy on the river, and we’ve mentioned a few so far. But we’re not finished yet. Another thing you can organize for you and your partner is a sunset paddle along the Brisbane River. People say that the river is a perfect spot to gaze upon in wonder or to canoe on. This is a perfect option for an adventurous afternoon or evening out. This one-of-a-kind experience will enable you to bond, relax, enjoy the serenity of nature, unwind, and share a gourmet picnic. 

Enjoy a romantic bike ride.

This is a perfect thing for an active couple. If you and your partner are sports enthusiasts and enjoy doing some physical activities, such as cycling, then you should take a romantic bike ride on one of the many cycling trails Brisbane has to offer. Some of the most popular routes include Some notable mentions include Mt. Cootha Rocks Riverside, West End in South Brisbane, and the Gateway Bridge. There’s nothing more fun than riding your bike together with your sweetheart, with the warm breeze in your hair. 

As we claimed at the beginning of the article, you can see that Brisbane truly offers the romantic a great couple’s guide to Brisbane.  Brisbane has something fun for everybody. Whatever type of person you are, this magnificent city can cater to your partner’s romantic needs without any problem.