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Mark Stengler – Drawing patients from all over the world through his extensive knowledge

Mark Stengler – Drawing patients from all over the world through his extensive knowledge

Health is more valuable than any form of fortune on the planet. In a well-functioning society, the preservation and restoration of health are vital to maintaining a quality life and the economic growth of the people. Given the importance of health, medical practitioners play an essential role, and their significance is highly regarded in society. Doctors are the fundamental cornerstone of a nation’s healthcare system. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, the doctors were the frontline soldiers doing everything in their power to help those affected by the novel virus. It was during those challenging times which proved that an exceptional medical doctor could make all the difference. 

Over the years, many doctors have contributed to their respective fields, and together they have changed thousands of lives for the better. Among those doctors is Dr. Mark Stengler, a nationally and internationally recognized Naturopathic Medical doctor. Due to his extensive knowledge in the field and expertise in chronic health disorders, he has drawn patients from across the world. 

Upon graduating from the National University of Natural Medicine, Stengler embarked on a journey to practice a broad range of medicine, including treating complex conditions, bioidentical hormone replacement, and chronic health disorders. In addition to having a wide range of patients, Stengler is one of the most respected integrative doctors in the United States. Patients from all around the world travel to southern California to be treated by him at his acclaimed Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

Helping tens of thousands of patients alongside his wife

Dual-doctor couples are no longer a novelty. With over 26 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Stengler has helped and reshaped the lives of tens of thousands of patients alongside his wife during his private practice. Stengler moved to California in 1999 to expand his clinic, where he combined traditional medicines and modern lab testing to find imbalances in the body. At their newly moved, expanded, and rebranded integrative medicine clinic, the husband-wife duo started off on a new journey where serving the people was the primary focus. Stengler translated the unique approach of combining conventional and modern lab testing to use natural therapies to cure root causes and support the healing system of the body. Together, Dr. Stengler and his wife, Dr. Angela Stengler, enjoy working with each other.

Getting the motivation to pursue the field of holistic and integrative medicine

With the holistic approach to patient care, empowerment, and well-being, integrative medicine has motivated many people to pursue the field. Integrative medicine focuses on looking after the patient as a whole person, making it different from the typical conventional medicine approach. The heavier focus is on a specific disease process, organ system, symptom, or syndrome. Stengler was only 17 when he developed severe irritable bowel syndrome, likely from using antibiotics to treat chronic acne. Due to not getting enough help with his disease, his friend in the family took him to a naturopathic doctor. With changes in diet and specific supplements, he noticed positive results, igniting the spark of motivation in him to make his career in integrative medicine. 

Men’s health with non-drug therapies

Men’s health involves numerous gender-specific issues like prostate enlargement, urination problems, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and other condition. Many men avoid consulting doctors and hospitals but suffer from preventable diseases and conditions. Plenty of supplements targeted toward men may do more bad than good. As an author, Mark Stengler penned a book titled Healing The Prostate: The Best Holistic Methods To Treat The Prostate And Other Common Male-Related Conditions, which focuses on natural ways to support men’s health with non-drug therapies. In a career spanning more than two decades, and based on his practice and research, Stenger has been able to put together natural protocols that help these issues. 

In a nutshell, Mark Stenger has given 26 years of his life in the healthcare sector, and his approach to addressing multiple health-related issues has made him notable in the healthcare industry. His relentless efforts have earned him many accolades, including the International Healthcare Hero Award in 2021. Later that year, in 2022, Mark Stengler was named a top California Doctor by Top Doctor Magazine.