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Tips for Beginners: Kitchen Renovation 101

If you are a fan of house flipping or home renovation shows, you might have a false sense of what it takes to finish a full kitchen remodeling project. In a 22-minute show, the many decisions, close attention to detail and hours of work that go into a kitchen renovation are not usually shown. Having said that, if you are ready to take on your first ever home remodeling project and are eager to start in the kitchen, it is quite possible to have the entire process go smoothly. Here’s how to renovate your kitchen to become the room of your dreams:

Put Together Design Plans

The first step to remodeling a kitchen is putting plans together. By creating a design for the remodeling space, you can determine how much the entire project will cost as well as an approximate timeline. For example, paths throughout the kitchen should be at least three feet wide; if you want to add a peninsula, be sure to allow ample space between it and the cabinets and appliances. Also, if you typically cook in there by yourself, paths within the cooking zones can be about 42 inches; if you and your spouse team up on recipes, you will want more like 48 inches. Jot down notes on what you want in your new kitchen and then work with a contractor or designer to create a design from which to work.

Know Your Traffic Patterns

If you are re-configuring where everything is located in your kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens suggests keeping traffic flow in mind. For example, if you have a large family, don’t put the new fridge in the middle of the kitchen — make sure it’s at the edge of the space, adjacent to the family room, so that both people working in the kitchen and those who want to grab a quick snack can easily do so. On the other hand, ranges and stoves should be kept out of high traffic areas of the kitchen; this will keep younger kids out of harm’s way.


Choose All Materials Before You Start

Remodeling your kitchen can feel overwhelming, so you might be tempted to take it project by project. But you actually want to choose all of your fixtures and materials before you start. In addition to allowing your contractor to make a more accurate bid on how much the project will cost you, if you select everything ahead of time, you can make sure all of your colors will match. The last thing you want is to do buy all of the paint at the start of the renovation project, only to notice halfway through that the marble countertop you had your heart set on will clash with the wall color. Take the time at the start to choose the wall colors, the backsplash, countertops, flooring, cabinet colors and more. It may seem like a lot of work but you will also have peace of mind knowing all of the materials will complement each other.

Get A High-Quality Worktop

One item which you’ll need to choose carefully is your countertop. Be sure to find a reputable company which sells high-quality kitchen worktops in Surrey, if that’s where you live. You can do this very easily with a quick Google Search. I recommended a quartz due to its hygiene benefits, durability and stain resistance! It’s also very easy to install into your home, making it a great material to use in your new kitchen!


Kitchen renovations are like many things in life: with a little pre-planning, they can go very smoothly. By focusing on the seemingly small details like colors and patterns, understanding how your kitchen is typically used and working with a contractor to come up with a detailed design, you will soon have a completely remodeled kitchen that rivals anything you see on TV.