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The Real Beauty Of Your Vehicle Is On The Inside

When we head out into the dating world, the majority of us are guilty of taking a potential partner at face value. If a date looks good, the majority of us men are more likely to give her the time of day. And, women are probably guilty of the same crime. That’s just the law of attraction. And, it’s relevant in every aspect of our lives, from what woman we choose to date, to what car we buy. If a vehicle looks good on the outside, most of us fall head over heels from the off.

But, as with women, the exterior of a car isn’t the only thing that matters. If we want the relationship to go anywhere, what’s inside should also come into play. This is, after all, where the car performs, or not. Funnily enough, the same can be said for our women.

So, before you jump into bed with the next sexy car, consider these three interior pointers.

Beautiful on the inside, too

2 - The Real Beauty Of Your Vehicle Is On The Inside

Just because a car looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s sure to have a sexy interior, too. But, once you commit to a vehicle, this is the main thing you’ll see. It’s like being with a beautiful woman who just doesn’t have anything going on behind the facade. It’s impossible to make a relationship like this work! So, before falling for the outside, look into your car a little deeper. Spend some time sitting inside your chosen vehicle. Then, decide whether the interior turns you on. If you want something striking, you could look out for cars which are renowned for interiors. For example, something like the Mercedes Benz E-class boasts one of the sexiest interiors in the midsize car class. You’ll certainly never get bored of looking at that baby.

The size of the matter

Of course, the interiors which appeal to you most all depend on your personal tastes. You may, for example, be looking for space over sex appeal. In this case, options like the new Dacia Sandero have got you covered. Here, you can find 830mm of rear legroom, 950mm of rear headroom and 780mm of usable boot length. To the right guy, that could be a sexy proposition. One thing’s sure; failure to consider interior size could lead to dissatisfaction. Instead, think about how much room you realistically need, and how many doors would suit you.

A new way of thinking

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And, let’s not forget that most men love a woman with new ways of thinking. The same should be said for your cars. A vehicle which uses exciting technologies would certainly be set to stand the test of time. When it comes to interiors, the infotainment on offer is especially important. Lucky for you, there are many cars which promise exciting experiences here. Options such as the Volvo XC90 come complete with a nine-inch screen which rests vertically for easy viewing. We’ll leave you to decide what the female equivalent of that one would be…

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