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Selling your car? X tips to take the best possible pictures

Selling your car

In this technical era, everything is focused on taking advantage of the internet.  It’s one of the easiest and quickest way to provide and find information.  Whether you’re running your business through e-commerce or trying to sell your used car, it’s imperative that you implement the use of photography.  That is the best way you can lure potential buyers.  And with second-hand cars, you’ve got to make them look better than those new cars waiting at the dealer.

If the question “Should I scrap my car?” has been floating in your head lately, hold onto your vehicle just a bit longer.  With the right tricks and tips of photography, you just might be able to get a fantastic deal.  Hang on, don’t go searching for a professional photographer.  All you need is an eye for detail, and with the right conditions, you’ll be snapping pics that will do justice to your old set of wheels in no time.  Let’s learn how to take outstanding pictures and increase your odds of attracting customers.

  1. Use the Right Camera

Use the Right Camera - Selling your car? X tips to take the best possible pictures

The most convenient option is to pull a smartphone out of your pocket and use it to take photos.  If you’ve bought one recently, it should suffice.  But if you’ve been hanging onto an older model, maybe one that matches the age of your car, it won’t do you any favors.  Grainy, unfocused pictures shot from an iPhone 3G, or old Blackberry isn’t going to cut it.  You might just have to borrow a digital camera from your friend to get a superior image.

  1. Wait for the Right Time of Day

Avoid taking photographs at night, because a camera’s flash is a poor substitute for the sun.  Ideally, sunlight is a beautiful thing.  But use it to your advantage when taking photos of the automobile.  It can make the world of a difference.  Aim for a time when the light is more mellow so that it enhances the color of your car, preferably about an hour after sunrise or before sunset.  It prevents the images from getting overexposed.  Avoid taking pictures at midday, that’s when the light is the harshest, and your photos will look washed out.  So, for those busy at the office, ditch your plans to snap pics during lunch break; wait for the weekend.  Your best bet is between 7 and 9 a.m., even on cloudy mornings.

  1. Watch the Shadows

Have you taken a perfect photo, only to discover that your shadow or dark patches are spoiling it?   With the right editing tools, everything in digital photography can be fixed with just a few clicks.  Look carefully at your shots for shadows.  Correct them either by moving the car or using a photo editing software to clean things up.  Remember, don’t use the program to misrepresent the vehicle by adding or hiding any details.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Background

The background of your photo shoot can help your auto stand out.  Find an isolated location, such as a deserted parking lot or park, so that your vehicle remains the focal point in all the pictures.  There’s no point in driving around looking for a fancy backdrop.  Any large, plain background that doesn’t distract the viewer from ogling the car will do.  Giant piles of gravel or huge retaining walls are perfect.  No one wants to see the inside of your messy garage.

  1. Clean it Inside Out

Clean your car before you take those close-ups.  Take it to a carwash or give it the much-needed wax job and make it sparkle in the pictures.  Remove all the garbage from the interior and trunk.  The last thing you want is to do is show to potential buyers that you’re careless about the condition of your vehicle.  A mere fifteen minutes is enough to declutter and give it a once-over, which can significantly improve the price.

  1. Shoot Every Angle

Buyers want lots of detail, so shoot from every angle: straight on, from each side, and every corner of the car.  Shoot one from above if you’re selling a truck.  Turn the wheels left slightly so that you can take a close-up of the tire tread.  Take one of the engines only it’s spotless.  Highlight any of the cool elements of your car, such as a high-tech entertainment system, immaculate leather seats, condition of the steering wheel, sunroof, etc.  Sit in the back and recline the front seats to take photographs of the interior front section.  Be sure to snap one of the odometers to show that the mileage reading is consistent with your ad.

  1. Get Down Low

Go down to the car’s level.  Taking a photo standing up with the camera pointed downwards, doesn’t create the best image.  Simply by crouching, you can get photos from a better angle.

  1. Close the Gap

photo editor 1024x708 - Selling your car? X tips to take the best possible pictures

Take a step or two closers when photographing your automobile. Not only does it reduce the unnecessary background clutter, but it also helps to provide potential buyers with more detail.  So fill the frame with a close-up or use a basic photo editing app to crop the extras.

  1. Take Test Photos

Take a picture, then stop and actually look at it.  Look for flaws such as shadows, encroaching background, etc.  Take a couple of repeat shots in case you’re not satisfied with the angle later.

  1. Quantity and Variety

Select the best photos.   If it’s free, upload the maximum number of photos the site allows, however, ten seems sufficient.  The more you provide, the better idea the potential buyer has about the condition of your car.  Remember though that quality is more important than quantity.

Be honest about any imperfections that your car has.  Don’t try to hide them because a buyer will catch on the moment he comes for a closer inspection.  In fact, zoom in on any dents or scratches.

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