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Types of Gamblers You Meet in a Casino

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When you enter a casino, you will meet different types of gamblers. If you want to start gambling, you need to learn about the different types of gamblers. Knowing the different types of gamblers can help you learn how to avoid addiction. You can recognize the signs and seek help before things get worse. If you want to take gambling as a profession, you can learn how to be a professional gambler. 

Types of Gambling

There are two main types of gambling:

  • Chance Gambling where all players are equal. You place a bet, and the winner is decided randomly. Chance gambling applies to lottery games, bingo, roulette, or gaming machines. 
  • Skill-based Gambling is where you can use your skills and ability to increase the rate of winning. While skills do not give you an automatic win, they put you a step ahead of your competition. 

With these main ways to gamble, here are the types of gamblers and their character traits:

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Professional Gamblers

Professional gamblers take gambling as a career and are usually rare. They study games and weigh the odds of different situations before deciding whether to place a bet or not. It takes intelligence, self-control, patience, and tolerance to be a professional gambler. Professional gamblers have self-control and know how to get rid of emotional biases when gambling. They see things from a logical perspective at all times. 

Serious social gamblers

Serious social gamblers rely on gambling to cope. They spend long hours and resources gambling to help them cope with stress. This is dangerous as it might lead to the onset of problematic gambling. It is not bad to use gambling as a coping mechanism. However, when you start depending on gambling, and this affects friends and family. 

Casual social gamblers

Casual social gamblers are common on Jack998 casino grounds. These are the gamblers who drop by the casino and spend some money before going back home. They can bet on fantasy football and enjoy Friday Night Poker games with the boys. 

For casual social gamblers, it’s not about winning but more about socializing. Gambling is a way to interact with friends and relax. The casual social gambler is similar to a social drinker who enjoys the socializing experience. 

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Escape and Relief Gamblers

These are those who depend on gambling to fulfill an emotional need. For instance, they use gambling to manage anxiety, depression, and stressful situations. They are unsuccessful when gambling since they use their emotions to guide them. They end up losing large amounts of money, and this leaves them in a worse state than before. To prevent you from being one, you need to learn how to cope with stress in different ways. 

Conservative gamblers

Conservative gamblers are keen on the experience instead of the winnings. Curiosity guides them to try different games just like they see on television or hear from others. They have a limit on the time and money they spend in a casino. It is rare for conservative gamblers to develop an addiction since they stick to their limits whether they win or lose.

Problematic Gambling

For some, gambling is a way to entertain themselves. They only visit casinos to enjoy spending time with their friends. However, for others, gambling becomes problematic as it starts negatively affecting their lives. When gambling starts stressing your life and the lives of those around you, you need to get help. 

Here are gamblers struggling with problematic gambling:

Personality gamblers

This is a tricky bunch of gamblers who does everything they can to win, even if it is illegal. They want to win and will lie, steal, and cheat in every possible way to get to the top. They are known for fixing races and sports events. Personality gamblers can pretend to be professional or social gamblers and, they believe they deserve to win. 

They are mainly caught cheating by the casino and kicked out. If the cheating recurs, law enforcement officers can get involved. They need to get help from professionals to find out the underlying cause of their bad habits.

Compulsive gamblers

Compulsive gamblers are a problematic bunch that is controlled by gambling. They show the following behaviors:

  • Spending lots of time gambling.
  • Are unable to cut down on the resources they use for gambling.
  • Gambling affects other aspects of their lives, especially relationships with family and friends.
  • Unable to stop gambling.
  • Keeps chasing bigger wins to compensate for losses.
  • Has no control over the money they spend.
  • Foregos basic needs to satisfy their gambling needs. 

If you find yourself exhibiting any of the above signs, you need to seek help and support. Getting help can help you prevent your and your family’s living situation from getting worse.

What to Know before Gambling

Before you start gambling, here are some important facts:

  • You must expect to lose.   Gambling always carries a risk. The thrill of getting risk guides most people to continue gambling. 
  • You need to have self-control when gambling. Without self-control, you will end up spending everything you own. 
  • It is easy to become addicted. Like any other addiction, gambling addiction is easy to get into, and it is hard to quit. Once you start noticing yourself or a loved one losing control, you need to get help. 
  • The odds are always for the house and against you. That is why you need to study the odds before you place a bet. 

Final Thoughts on Different Gamblers

Gambling is not for the faint-hearted, and it is easy for things to spiral out of control. By identifying the type of gambler you are, you can learn how to manage your gambling life. You can prevent things from getting worse by becoming accountable to yourself. If this is hard, you can have a sponsor help you become accountable. Help is always available to those who find gambling to be a problem. 

Featured Image by Mariakray from Pixabay

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