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How To Make Your Girlfriend’s Birthday Unforgettable

How To Make Your Girlfriend's Birthday Unforgettable
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We all know that one amazing girlfriend who seems to take care of others more than herself. On her special day, make her feel the love that she gives so freely. This could be your school friend, your sorority sister, neighbor, church leader, coworker, or sports teammate. Make your girlfriend’s birthday unforgettable because she deserves it. The following are some ideas on how to create a wonderful celebration:

1. Plan a Surprise Party with Friends and Family

Don’t worry if you have never organized a birthday party before. You can always get help from her friends and family. Talk to the people around her in advance, so you call all brainstorm about the event. Perhaps they can suggest a good venue or caterer. Maybe they can help with the lights and sounds. They could also contribute to the food, décor, and other expenses. They can also coordinate the surprise party to enhance the impact.  

2. Decorate the Venue in a Relatable Theme

The theme should be something that reflects her personality. What is your girlfriend like? What is her taste in music and fashion? Who are her favorites among well-known personalities? What hobbies occupy her time during the weekends? What does she spend most of her money on? All of these things should provide clues as to what would work perfectly for this plan. Go all out in the décor. 

3. Get a Celebrity Greeting via Video

If you are up for it, you might want to try getting their favorite celebrity to do a greeting via video. It would certainly make your girlfriend’s day to see someone they idolize greet them with a happy birthday. You may need to plan this out in advance to increase the chances of success. You could also ask for a fan sign instead if that’s possible. Some sites offer direct contact with social media influencers and viral personalities. There’s a possibility of wish fulfillment if you have a subscription. 

4. Cook All Her Favorite Dishes for a Feast

List her favorite dishes. Indulge her throughout the day. It’s not the time to think of diets and count calories. Her family will be particularly helpful in completing this list. Ensure that most of these are present on her birthday so that she can enjoy the feast. You could get them from her preferred sources in your area. You could also help in preparing the dishes with her loved ones. Make enough to feed all of the guests that you are inviting. 

5. Invite People Who are Close to Her Heart

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Indeed, you should think of all the people that you should invite to this surprise party. If your friend is the quiet type, then you may want to keep it small and simple. If she is more outgoing, then you can probably invite more. Just see to it that these are individuals who are close to her heart and that she would be delighted to see. These could be people within your organization or her best friends from the past. Give out the invitations early so that they can arrange their trips in time. 

6. Set Up Fun Activities in the Backyard 

If the party is in their house, then you might want to set up fun activities in the backyard. These all depend on what’s possible given space and the budget. You could have a barbeque in the garden, swimming in the pool, or outdoor movies under a tree. You could even fire up a karaoke machine if the family loves to sing. Dedicate some songs for your girlfriend. You might prepare a fun dance number featuring the latest viral moves. Consider playing parlor games and other challenges as well.  

7. Give Her an Aromatherapy Gift Hamper

Finally, make sure that she gets enough rest and relaxation after the birthday party. Present her with an aromatherapy gift hamper with premium products carefully selected for her to enjoy. This will contain irresistible items that can turn any room into a fragrant haven. For example, she can like scented candles before bedtime to lull her into sleep. She can also use these to pamper herself while in the bathtub or when doing her meditations. Your girlfriend will definitely love the much-needed stress relief.

Make your girlfriend’s birthday the best she ever had and will remember for years to come.

Featured Image by MW on Pixabay

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