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Would A Gentleman Own A Car Like This? Three Sure Signs Your Car Isn’t Saying Good Things

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Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

When a woman goes out, she’s judged on her makeup and outfit. Right or wrong, that’s the way of the world. When men go out, they’re judged in other ways. People still look at their appearance, but the primary marker for a man is his car. This is what people look to if they want an idea of who he is. It’s akin to the ‘what do you do?’ question. Your car shows a lot about how much you earn, what matters to you, and your attitude.

As such, it’s worth considering whether your vehicle sends the right message. Let’s be honest; a decent car isn’t always within our grasp. Have you seen the price tags on the latest releases? But, even those operating on a budget should consider the following pointers for ensuring their car reveals them to be a gentleman.

The paint job

If the paint on your car is coming off, you can be sure the gentleman label is out of your reach from the off. If your car looks battered, people will assume that your life is in the same state. Don’t let it happen!

Of course, paint jobs on cars aren’t easy business. You can’t buy a pot of paint at Homebase and be done with it. It may even be cheaper to replace your car with an updated model. Mad, we know. Look into paint prices, and consider what would be your best option.

Or, you could avoid the issue altogether by looking after your car’s exterior in the first place. By applying a wax coating to your vehicle, you can ensure that the paint is protected underneath. It’s also worth washing regularly, and considering where you park. Tree sap and such can do real damage!

The engine

Even if your paint is in place, an unhealthy engine could undo your good work. Sorry to say it, but scrapping a car is often the only option when engine trouble comes into play. There’s a small chance a replaced part could do the job, so take your car to the garage first. But, if there’s nothing they can do, be kind to yourself and your car by getting rid. No one’s going to think of you as a gentleman if your engine coughs and splutters wherever you go. Equally, it isn’t very gentlemanly to billow smelly smoke at those behind you. Do everyone a favour; know when to call it quits.

The car itself

Ever heard it said that you can’t polish a turd? Choosing a bad car will make it impossible to impress. Is it any wonder that your old style Nissan Micra causes you self-confidence issues? They’re cute cars, and no one can deny it. But cute definitely isn’t what a gentleman should be aiming for. You certainly aren’t going to make waves when you arrive in a vehicle like this. Instead, you want something which shows people you don’t take any messing. Something sturdy and serious and, well… a tiny bit larger.