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Stress The Silent Killer

Stress The Silent Killer
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Stress The Silent Killer

Every person encounters stress from time to time. However, if you experience it often, you may become at a higher risk for serious health problems. The good news is there are several ways to reduce it and enjoy a better quality of life. Stress the silent killer, Don’t let it take control of your life.

Stress The Silent Killer
Image by 1388843 from Pixabay

Drugs/Natural Remedies

For the average person, maintaining a calm state of mind is easy. However, for someone who lives with anxiety, this is easier said than done. Many of these individuals have turned to prescription drugs like Lexapro and Prozac. If you prefer not to take these drugs due to the potentially harmful side effects, medical cannabis, found at the San Leandro dispensary, can reduce stress without chemical additives.


When you meditate, your body restores itself to a calm state. You clear your mind of troubles, and as a result, your body and mind form a united front against stress. Meditating for 15 to 20 minutes each day not only lowers your stress levels in the body but also helps you learn to control your reaction to it, naturally. 


Sleep is essential for many things, including mood. When you get enough rest, you awake refreshed, sharp, clear-headed, and energized—being refreshed results in less irritation, depression, and anxiety, which can contribute to accelerated levels of stress. If you have trouble falling asleep, herbal supplements, avoiding caffeine and heavy foods, and putting electronics away a few hours before bed, will help.

The Power of Exercise

Exercise is sadly underestimated for its ability to promote health and mental wellness. When you workout, the body movements burn not only calories but also harmful stress hormones. Exercising also improves flexibility and muscle tension and triggers the release of endorphins. This will instantly give your mind a feeling of satisfaction, making you feel good. The next time you feel overwhelmed with life, take a brisk walk.

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Music naturally soothes. When you hear your favorite song, you get a good feeling. You turn it up and start singing and dancing in place. Whatever was troubling you beforehand is now on hold. That’s due to lowered levels of cortisol created by the soothing sounds of music

Foods that Reduce Stress

You’ve heard the term “comfort foods.” Well, it turns out it’s true. Heavier dishes that contain pasta, potatoes and whole grains found in bread create a calm feeling in the body. Caffeine does the opposite. Instead, reach for an herbal tea. You should also avoid foods with preservatives and chemical additives.

Get Organized

A cluttered environment can bring on stress overload quickly. The solution: get organized. Removing clutter and creating a clean, organized space will save time, promote efficiency, and reduce stress. 

Embrace Positive Thinking

You can always find things to complain about. Instead of viewing life as doom and gloom, keep your focus on the good things. You have a good-paying job, a home, a loving family, and your health, all the good stuff. 

The Benefits of Therapy

If you can’t seem to avoid stressing, seeing a therapist may prove beneficial. It’s critical to remove the stigma of seeing a professional help you find why you’re stressed and develop ways to reduce it. The person is there to listen and offer unbiased advice. They are there to help you learn to manage those things in your life that cause stress and enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Learn to Laugh

Laughter is powerful in your fight to sustain longevity. It helps improve your immune system, reduces pain, and puts you in a good mood. Humor is something you need in your life. Spend more time with people who love to laugh and have fun. The next time you feel down and out, put on a comedy, and let the healing begin.

Stress can cause serious health issues and even cause an early demise. Learning to control your stress and keep it in check will go a long way towards a healthy life.