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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation
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Are you currently dealing with premature ejaculation? Then this guide is for you. Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition that occurs during sexual intercourse when a man ejaculates sooner than they or their partner would like. 

Men experiencing this type of sexual disorder will typically ejaculate within a minute of penetration. The problem causes men to lack control over their ejaculation, which causes distress among the partners. 

Furthermore, the condition is one of the most common sexual disorders in men – nearly one in every three men are affected by PE during sexual activity. This guide will discuss the causes and treatment techniques you can use to control PE. 


Although the real cause of PE cannot always be determined, several studies show that it involves a complex interaction of physical, chemical, and psychological factors. Below are some of the most common causes of PE.

• Hormonal imbalance

When you have a problem with your oxytocin, a hormone that plays a significant role in male sexual function, the probability of suffering from PE is higher. However, other hormone levels such as luteinizing, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and prolactin may cause PE if they are not at their ideal level.

• Infection of the prostate

A good number of men with chronic prostatitis will experience PE. Prostatitis alters your ejaculatory latency, a condition that leads to acquired premature ejaculation.

• Inherited traits 

Although external causes such as nervousness and intoxication are known to be some of the reasons for PE, recent studies in Finland and Netherlands linked premature ejaculation to a gene for serotonin regulation.

• Emotional wellbeing

When your body is undergoing some emotional and physical challenges, there is a higher chance of PE. In most occasions, this condition happens when a man becomes too stimulated, excited, or nervous with their new partner. 

Treatment techniques 

PE is one of the most common sexual disorders and happens to every man from time to time. This condition causes sexual dissatisfaction in both parties. However, the condition is controllable. Using the following remedies, you will increase and revive your sexual satisfaction. 

1. Masturbation

Although masturbation may not be the best choice to treat PE for people with strong religious and cultural beliefs, regular practice helps you identify the sensation your body receives before ejaculating. Also, regular masturbation may help you learn ways you stop stimulation before orgasm. However, it is recommendable to masturbate an hour or two before you engage in sexual activity.

2. Start and stop technique.

The stop-start technique is a recommended method for any individual encountering premature ejaculation during sexual practice. When using this technique, you must stimulate yourself until a climax is imminent, then stop to let all the stimulation and any feeling of upcoming orgasm go away. The process is doable three times, and on the fourth time, release the orgasm. The practice is essential for any person willing to control their ejaculation.

3. The squeeze method

The technique is ideal for any man who wants to identify and control the sensational that leads to PE physically. During sexual activity, a man should stimulate their penis until they feel they are close to ejaculating. They should have their partner squeeze the shaft of their penis until the impending orgasm subsides. The partner should repeat the squeeze as many times as necessary.

4. Kegel exercise

When you carry out regular pelvic exercises, you strengthen the muscles involved with ejaculation. As a result, you can increase the time you can hold an orgasm. The Kegels exercises entail activating the same muscles used when cutting your urine flow and holding it for 5 seconds before releasing it. Repeating this process three times every day will allow you to control PE. 

5. Buy products such as thick condoms or numbing creams. 

Any person who encounters premature ejaculation during their sexual activity should wear a thicker condom with a numbing agent inside. These condoms will give your penis a temporarily dull sensation. As a result, the action increases the time you take to ejaculate. That’s why it’s advisable to use thick condoms or numbing creams to decrease the sensitivity of the penis if you have PE.


Although there is no set time for a man to last during sexual activity, premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and frustrating. You might also not enjoy sex as much, neither will you satisfy your partner. However, with the above remedies, premature ejaculation is controllable.

Featured Image by Mohamed Chermiti from Pixabay

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