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Ways in Which to Build a Five-Star Body

build a five-star body
Image by Satya Tiwari from Pixabay

Ways in Which to Build a Five-Star Body

It’s still not too late to build a five-star body for the summertime. I mean, summer always comes back around and if you want to build a five-star body, it will take some time. Just remember, your body shape is partially genetic. To maximize your workouts, you should consider your body shape to determine what exercises are right for you.

Back in the day, weight training meant lifting weights with a steel rod and some cinder blocks, if you had too. Now, people are meeting up at the gym, at the training center or at the health club, but that’s cool. Most fitness centers keep up-to-date with modern equipment, along with some pretty sophisticated smoothie cafes. Wherever people decide to meet up, you will likely find two or three people training with free weights at a time.

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Image by Satya Tiwari from Pixabay

Those who train and of course, train hard, know a few building techniques for muscle gains that are unique, however, there are a few factors to building in which almost all bodybuilders can agree with. If you are a newcomer to the weight training arena, you may want to take some notes on building a five-star body.

1. You can never go wrong with barbells and dumbbells. Most of us have a set or two set up in our garages or man caves. Barbells and dumbbells are good for when you want to target a specific area of the body.

2. When training, you should use medium intensity but, turn up the volume. In other words, increase your weight, sets and reps.

3. Workout but don’t take long breaks. The suggestion is that breaks be limited to less than a minute between each set. When you start to feel the burn it’s because of the lactic acid is stimulating the muscle so that it will grow.

4. If you are fit, you may be ready for CrossFit. It’s a killer workout… no question. You’ll be doing push-ups, kettlebell swings and pull-ups. This program will definitely help you build a five-star body.

5. Push yourself to the limit. Just keep going until you can’t do it anymore. If you are going to attempt to do this exercise, start with the heavier weight first and the one that is not as heavy, so that even if you are exhausted, you can complete the set.


6. If you are connected with the armed forces, you are likely familiar with a style of exercise that was called “cycling” or Plyometrics. It works the muscles with a high-intensity level and then back to a low-grade exercise, and then back up again. This prevents the muscles from getting bored. This routine is best used by someone who has had previous training of at least 3 months.  We highly suggest Plyometrics as a part of your routine to build a five-star body.

7. Try the deadlift, bench press and the squat if you want to build mass and strength.

8. If you don’t eat right, you simply lose out in the end. At the same time, you have to eat enough of the right foods. You should find out how many calories should you be consuming each day and then increase it by 500 more calories.

9. You need to get plenty of vitamins and minerals while you are training. As an alternative to your usual supplements, try the Ultra-Shake protein shakes and smoothies to increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

10. 10. The Insanity workout is not an easy task. If you’re ready, then take the plunge into incredible bodybuilding techniques. This is not recommended for some of the avid gym goers, but especially not for the beginner.

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