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5 Tips To Help You Bulk Up Quickly


Men are supposed to be big according to evolution.  One of the most common goals that men have who work out in a gym is to bulk up.  However, increasing the muscle mass of your body is a lot easier said than done.  Complete dedication is required along with absolute tolerance for pushing your body to its limits.  The tips below are among the most time-tested strategies that bodybuilders have been using for years to gain muscle quickly.

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First of all, you will need to either own some weights or join a gym.  If possible hire a personal trainer that you can work with.  They can help keep you on track and are great motivators.  The following are our best tips to help you bulk up quickly:


  1. Compound exercises


These are among the most efficient training exercises that you can do.  Compound exercises work multiple muscles.  Some of the more effective compound exercise include deadlifts, bench presses and squats.  Exercises like squats and deadlifts help with the growth hormone production of your body.  That helps to ensure that your different muscle groups respond well to the training that you do.  The improved response allows you to build muscle mass more quickly.  Because compound movement exercises work different muscle groups at the same time, it is critical that you identify what they are so that you can vary the exercises that you are doing.  It isn’t a good idea to do too many different compound exercises on a daily basis.  Develop a program that will enable you to work various muscle groups on different days.  That will help to prevent muscle exhaustion, injuries and gives your body enough time to recuperate and heal.


  1. Eat plenty of food


In order to grow bigger, you will need to go beyond just going to the gym on a regular basis.  You also need to eat really well.  The major body building blocks of carbohydrates, fats and proteins must be consumer at much higher than normal rates.  The concept here is creating a ‘caloric surplus.’  That occurs whenever you take more calories than you use.  The surplus goes into increasing and repairing your body muscle.  Consuming protein around every three hours will help to build and repair muscle tissue.  That is when the real bulking up starts.


  1. Concentrate on using free weights


There has been much discussion about whether using free weights or machines is better when attempting to bulk up.  The real truth is that it is better to use free weights since they require you to use stabilizing muscles that if you are using machines you don’t need to use.  Using free weights like barbells and dumbbells force more muscle contractions.  This in turn uses a lot more muscle fibers.  It is recommended that you concentrate on lifting heavy amounts of free weights.  Lift enough weight so that it is difficult for you to do more than 4 to 8 reps at a certain weight.  That places both your muscles and nervous system under a lot of pressure which then stimulates muscle fiber and muscle growth.  However, you do need to be careful, since the heavier the weight is, the higher the risk is for injury.  Your program can of course also include machine and body weight training exercises.  Another important aspect of any exercise regimen is cardio training, but it should only be 30% maximum of your daily routine.  Overall, free weight exercises are what you should concentrate on the most. Check out this site – Skinny2fit – and get an idea of some of the best exercises and also the form to do them.


  1. Healthy supplements


You really need to eat. That can’t be stressed enough.  You can get your caloric surplus from add-ons like avocado, olive oil, ice cream and peanut butter. Just in case eating continuously gets to be too much for you, you can always drink protein shakes as a supplement.  It is also recommended that you use Creatine or other proven supplements.  It is safe and provides your body with that needed energy boost for being able to go that extra mail.  Make sure that you cycle Creatine however.  You can take 5 grams one week and then 20 grams the next week, and occasionally don’t take any at all in a week.


  1. Hydrate


This is nearly as critical as your diet is.  It is very important to drink plenty of water.  When it comes to high intensity training, dehydration is definitely your enemy, and it can easily happen.  Drink plenty of water to eliminate energy-sapping toxins and help your body with its healing process.  Since you will be increasing your protein intake, your kidneys are going to be working overtime in order to flush out all of the metabolic waste that is produced.  In order to do its job properly it needs water.  It is also a great idea to include antioxidants like Gluatine into your water.  That helps to prevent free radical damage that often occurs when undergoing high intensity training sessions.

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Follow safety guidelines at all time and make sure that you consult with a training if you aren’t sure how a particular lift should be performed. That will help you prevent irreparable injuries from occurring.

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