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Tips for Every Gentleman

Tips for Every Gentleman
Photo by Yogi Purnama on Unsplash

Being a man, you are not expected to be a superman, but there are so many expectations from you.

In this post, we will list a number of tips that should help you know whether you are an ordinary man or a gentleman.

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Photo by Yogi Purnama on Unsplash

Raising your hand

If you are strong, don’t think that you have the right to raise your hand on the weaker parties.

First date

There are so many options available for you to choose from. Make sure that movie theater is not in the list of options. It is not an innovative idea and can be extremely boring for your partner. So, look out for options that can help you impress your partner.


If you are planning to wear a suit to the party, make sure that it is a well-tailored suit that fits you properly.

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This should be in your routine. Remember, if you are fit, you will feel good and stay healthy and happy for a longer time.

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Spending time with parents and grandparents

Not many people love to do it. Yes, there are important meetings and business trips that can keep you occupied. Moreover, you might even have a small family to look after. So, spending time with parents and grandparents is difficult.

However, you have the liberty to make your schedule. So, you can take out some time for your old parents and grandparents.

Greeting someone

While greeting someone, always start with their name. It helps the other person know that you remember their name. This will make them feel good, and they will appreciate it too.

Apart from this, if you are shaking hands with someone, make sure that you are not seated.

Know what to lend/sell and what not

There are a number of things that are important for you. You should know what should be on the sell/lend list and what should never be on that list.

We have seen cases where, for example, gamblers gamble their property and even more to win a bet. However, even if you like gambling, which is often considered a curse; you should know what should be gambled and what should never be gambled.

Respecting others

If you respect someone because they are highly respected in the society, you are an ordinary man. However, if you respect someone regardless of their social status, you are a true gentleman who does not differentiate people on the basis of their social status.

Controlling your anger

Anger is an evil, and it is extremely difficult to control it. However, in tense situations, you can prove the fact to others that you are a gentleman by controlling your anger.


There are so many people around you. If you think that you are the smartest in the group, and you are quite confident (not overconfident) of the fact, then it is time to change your group. Move out of the circle and be a part of the group that forces you to think that you are not really the best in the group. This will help you improve.

Luck v/s Hard Work

If you believe in luck, you should also believe in hard work. In fact, if you have worked hard, only then will luck smile and make things easy for you.

If you are totally dependent on luck, you are on the wrong track.

Living your life

If work is the only thing you want to do in life, then you are wasting your life. A true gentleman knows how to live life and be happy with life.

Don’t run away from it!

If you play to complete your degree, you should complete it, no matter how difficult it is!

If you are embarrassed because of failures or feel that you cannot do it, you are simply running away from it. Running away from a problem is a sign of cowardliness and gentlemen do not have that quality.

Support them, don’t let the control

If you want to help someone, you should try to support them. However, if you let their problems take a toll over your life, you will regret making that mistake later on.

Let others think what they want to

Well, it is none of your concern!

If others think that you don’t look good, you should not worry about their thoughts. It is your opinion that matters because it is your life. So, if they think that you don’t look good, it’s their problem.

Don’t change because others want you to change; change because you want to change.

Don’t cry over it!

If you have lost something important, you know the value of it. However, if you keep crying and crying out loud about the loss, you might lose a number of other things around you.

Stop blaming others

When anything goes wrong, we start blaming others for it. Being a gentleman, it can dent your impression. If it is your fault, have the courage to accept it. Frankly, it is quite difficult to accept the fact.

Concluding, being a man is not difficult, but being a gentleman is difficult.



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