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A Man’s Guide to Dressing to Impress in Vegas


It’s so easy to get caught up in all the action and excitement that the glitz, the glamour, the lights and the sounds of Nevada’s very own Sin City has to offer its millions of annual visitors and casino patrons. And even though it’s a popular destination for kooks, bachelor parties and flamboyant extroverts to flaunt their stuff and use it as an excuse to dress up in all sorts of outrageous and eye-catching costumes. However, men in particular these days are much more interested in donning a much smarter look when they walk through the doors of a casino.

bond - A Man's Guide to Dressing to Impress in Vegas

Whilst the likes of mainstream movies such as the popular rebooted James Bond yarn ‘Casino Royale’ featured high rolling players dressed to the nines in tuxedos and other expensive type suits most casinos don’t require such a high level of formal dress for you to sit at their tables. Of course it goes without saying that the smarter you look the better but being able to feel comfortable in what you are wearing can also be crucial in order to help you enjoy your casino experience, especially for first time players.

Whilst a dicky bow, tops and tails may be overkill, especially in Vegas, we would recommend a smart casual solution to your appearance which would be the best fit and tick all the boxes for comfort, style, and smartness. Most casino dress codes these days are very minimalistic simply requiring patrons to be wearing the basics in order to play in their venues. This includes a shirt on your back and a pair of shoes on your feet. But just because the dress code is nominal doesn’t mean you can’t aim a little higher.

By wearing a smart pair of loafers, or leather lace-up shoes you’ll already be one step up in the style stakes. Match it up with a collared shirt and jacket or blazer and you’ll be looking sharp and ready to head to the tables. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing a full blown suit and tie on your casino visit but even a smart, stylish and comfortable pair of jeans, without any bleaching or trendy ripped patterns in the material, would also be the ideal fashion statement on your next Vegas night out.

If indeed you aren’t actually planning a trip to Las Vegas any time soon there’s nothing stopping you from still donning your slick suit in the comfort of your own home as you login online and start your casino experience with Royal Vegas instead.


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