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Stay Away from These 4 Kinds of Men’s Sunglasses This Year

Stay Away From These 4 Kinds of Men’s Sunglasses This Year
Image by Shah Rukh Balouch from Pixabay

Oh! Back in the day, it used to be so simple and easy to choose out a new pair of men’s glasses or sunglasses. You just had to select a square or circular design in a metal or a plastic frame. But, hey! We all love options! And the trouble was that these were the only choices back in the day. 

Thankfully, we live in an era when eyewear designers have upped the ante significantly. Still, if anything, bespectacled gentlemen now confront the challenge of finding the ideal pair of men’s sunglasses that matches their face and taste. Aside from the standard stock of men’s sunglasses such as the aviators and wayfarers, which have a timeless appeal, two other notable eyewear trends to be mindful of right now are bold, bright, and blatantly suave as well as those for futuristic wrap-around designs. 

With all the choices, we understand that it can be confusing to pick the right for yourself. To guide your decision, we have highlighted some popular choices of the season and some shades that you must stay away from. 

Finding The Perfect Men’s Sunglasses This Season

If you are a serial sunglasses wearer and intend to wear your sunglasses multiple times, you should think about what looks well on you. The gentle curves of rounder frames, for example, will suit square faces. 

Aviators will also highlight the curves of a triangular or heart-shaped face. On the other end, Rounder faces may want to choose square or rectangular designs like wayfarers to sharpen their facial features.

1. Best Sunglasses For An Oval Face

We require your complete attention if you do have an oval facial shape. Sunglasses that best fit your oval face structure will highlight distinct features of your face and assist you in bringing out unique facial contours for a lot more appealing overall appearance.

Opt For: Di-squared Sunglasses, Bold Oversized Sunglasses, and Geometric sunglasses

Stay Away From: Round Sunglasses, Oval Sunglasses, and Wayfarers

2. Best Sunglasses For Men With An Oblong Face

Do not get confused between an oval and an oblong face – your face is oblong if it is longer than it is wide. Essentially, the breadth of the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are just the same. When choosing the best men’s sunglasses, opt for large frames, ideally rectangle-shaped (wayfarers), to add breadth and complement your facial proportions.

Opt For: Square Sunglasses, Oversized Browline Sunglasses, and Wayfarers

Stay Away From: Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Oval Sunglasses, and Round Sunglasses

3. Best Sunglasses For A Round Face

If your face structure has the same length and width, however, your chin is rounded with no sharp angles, you’re a member of the proud round face club.

A pair of round men’s sunglasses, undoubtedly, will emphasize the round shape of your face even more – which means you can say goodbye to the concept of John Lennon spectacles. Consider frames that offer straight or angular lines that lengthen your facial structure. 

Opt For: Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Aviators and Clubmasters

Stay Away From Round Sunglasses, Oval Sunglasses, and Geometric sunglasses

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Image by Bruno / Germany from Pixabay

4. Best Sunglasses For A Square Face

If the width and length of your face are almost the same, your face structure can be classified as a square face. Choose men’s sunglasses that can soften your facial features. Circular or round-edged sunglasses frames look amazing on those with a square face. It gets even better if the frames are in a neutral tone. 

Opt For: Circular Sunglasses, Round Vintage Sunglasses, and Tortoiseshell Rimmed Sunglasses 

Stay Away From: Horn Rimmed Sunglasses, Wayfarers, and Navigators

Keeping You Updated On The Latest Trends

Knowing what type of men’s sunglasses design to opt for saves a lot of time when you are ready to go on a shopping spree. Remember that while certain frame designs suit certain facial structures more, there is no rule set in stone. You can experiment with different men’s sunglasses designs and pick the ideal one for yourself. Just like everything else you wear, it’s all about what you feel comfortable wearing. 

This guide to the finest sunglasses for your face shape is a fantastic place to start, but you should also trust your instincts. While you are at it, remember to explore options in men’s sunglasses from new-age, trusted, and innovative brands such as Yourspex. They have a unique and extremely advanced virtual reality program technology, ‘TRY ON,’ that distinguishes them from its competitors—enabling you to virtually try on any form of eyewear, such as eyeglasses or sunglasses, before making a purchase! That’s pretty awesome, right?

The Yourspex company is committed to providing its customers with distinctive and trendy eyewear such as spectacle frames, sunglasses, and quality contact lenses in beautiful colors and extremely durable metal frames at affordable cost online! 

So, check them out, and also, don’t forget to place your order for your men’s sunglasses right away!

Featured Image by Shah Rukh Balouch from Pixabay

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