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The Gentleman’s Guide to Manscaping


Ahhh… the gentleman. A dying breed. If I had a dollar for every time granny (and the elderly in general) rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “they don’t make them like that anymore!” or “kids these days…”. The point is, millennials always get a bad rap for their crassness and vulgarity, and for being lazy, untidy, cheeky and well, ungentlemanly. Sure, the impractical embellishments of yesteryear, like donning a fedora are no more, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be gentlemen. Right, gentlemen?

It’s time to engender the same kind of respect that gentlemen of the “m’lady” persuasion commanded, and this is going to be your guide to becoming — a modern-day gentleman.

Becoming a Gentleman

There is nothing wrong with trying to cultivate gentlemanly behavior. In fact, there are many advantages of being a gentleman once the art has been mastered. For some men, being a gentleman is all about being polite and courteous to elders and those of the opposite sex. These include the “ladies first” approach, holding the door open for her, and trying to keep yourself generally well-groomed, as in, hair-cut, fingernails trimmed, stray hairs in your nose, ears and neck plucked. But, what about the other gentlemanly things. Of course, we’re talking about manscaping. Gentlemen are known for always keeping their house in order, that also includes their junk (no, not the junk in the garage, good sirs). Your other junk. Keeping that in mind, this is going to be your guide to not just playing the part, but looking it too, especially with your clothes off. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Manscaping Below the Belt

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If you are expecting your other half to be clean down below, then you can imagine she’d want you to do the same. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to book an appointment in a salon for a Brazilian. However, there is certainly no harm in taking an electric trimmer and a shaver to the area below the belt. All you are going to need is the right tools and a plan. If you’re wondering what those two look like, read on.

Choosing the Right Product

You wouldn’t hack through a forest with a kitchen knife now, would you? While you may be used to grooming your chest hair, but grooming the hair below the belt is a whole different story. Needless to say, the groin area is the most sensitive area of your entire body, so some extra caution is in order. You will, of course, need to get the right tools for the task. While there are many men’s grooming brands out there, try to choose the one that you feel best suits your needs.

Brands such as Manscaped, cater solely to your grooming needs below-the-belt, so it will be wise to go with brands that offer their services as a specialty, rather than going with one where men’s grooming is just one category in a long drop-down menu. Manscaped offers some amazing grooming products that have been designed solely for men. From an electric shaver to a razor that offers protection and precision, the tools they provide will ensure you don’t get cut, nicked or scraped while you try to be a gentleman.

Getting Started

If you don’t plan on using a product that will soften the area that’s going to be a bad idea. Moisturizers or a body-wash have been made for a reason, but all moisturizers and similar products are not the same. It’s not wise to just go with any product that says “Man” on it either. Specially formulated men’s grooming products such as the moisturizer by Manscaped is perfect for the job.

Why? You ask. Because a moisturizer works by making the skin softer. Since the hair downstairs is coarser and thicker than the hair on your head, using a moisturizer is a great way to make the hair and the skin a bit softer, making it easier to remove once you use the electric trimmer or the razor. Try lathering up the area before you begin with warm water that will make the area nice and soft so that you can begin your manscaping.

Have a Plan

We talked about the importance of having a plan before. Just like with anything else in life, you need to have a sure plan of action before you start manscaping. What style you’re looking for, how long do you want to settle for, or do you want to shave it all off. Where do you stop, at the Brazilian, the balls… oops…I meant acorns, or all the way down south? You need to know exactly where you want to put that electric trimmer or shaver before you get anywhere near your nether region. Having a plan is important because you don’t want to have any regrets in going too far or not going far enough after you’ve finished manscaping. Remember, manscaping takes a good amount of time, so you would want to get it right the first time.

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Now, for the burning fact about manscaping. If you make the decision to go all the way and shave the entire area, then you will have to keep up with the upspring. This can lead to a situation for you gentlemen who aren’t familiar with manscaping below the belt. The problem is not that you made a mistake, or ran the razor in the wrong direction (we hope), it’s just that the hair down there tends to spring up quicker than usual, and much quicker than… say the hair on your head.

This means you need to be on the ball at all times (no pun intended). If you take the blade to the pubes and further south, you are going to notice itchy and scratchy a lot more after a few days, that’s the hairs starting to peek out. This is going to be the first signal that you need to get back at it. However, if you prefer to take the electric trimmer and trim the area, that would be much more comfortable, albeit, you won’t be getting the spanking clean look as a shave.

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