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5 Thing Every Man Should Take Care While Growing Beard

Growing Beard

Are you considering growing a beard? Do you know what it takes to grow and maintain a healthy beard? Do not worry if you are a first-timer, stick around and learn how to go about it.

If you are considering growing a mustache, full beard, or a goatee, it is of importance to know how to start and take care of your facial hair. Whether you are a celebrity, politician or an average Joe, make sure you understand how to grow and maintain an attractive beard. A beard requires regular grooming with such things as the oster classic 76 clippers to keep it soft, appealing and healthy just like the regular hair on your scalp. 

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Beard is considered a symbol and status of power and authority in many cultures in the world. And although this status symbol is gradually losing ground, the art of growing a healthy beard has not depreciated one bit. A well-trimmed, conditioned and washed beard still has that magnetizing effect on ladies from all walks of life. Plus growing a beard saves you the burden of shaving regularly.

If you are planning to grow a beard and have no prior experience in this area, sit back and relax. Here are some things to take care of when growing a beard.

Consume a healthy diet

Your general wellbeing is primarily determined by the kind of food you consume and the lifestyle you lead. This being the case, it is thus important to watch out for what you consume. If you are planning to grow a beard, consider taking a balanced diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle. These practices will help to maintain and promote good health. And what does this has to do with growing a beard, you ask?

The growth rate of your facial hair depends on individual genetics and testosterone level. In other words, hormonal and degree of genetic expression is determined by the kind of food you consume and the environment you live in. The production of Testosterone and Keratin is dependent on the kind of food you take, among other things. Consume a high protein diet, fruits and vegetables to promote the growth of your facial hair. Of course, you should also incorporate other food types like carbohydrates, minerals, and other essential food components in your meals to make a balanced diet.

Wash your beard regularly    

Nothing attracts ladies to a man than a well-kempt beard. Why then should you neglect your facial hair while there are plenty of products in the market to help you keep your beard fresh and clean? Make it a habit to wash your beard with shampoo, or mild soap and water, at least twice a week. Make sure also to scrub and rinse your facial hair to remove dead cells. Dead cells inhibit the growth of new follicles.

Regular washing of the facial hair stimulates the growth of new hair and reduces irritation and itching. Washing also promotes the circulation of blood and helps to keep pores open. And since the beard gathers dust and food stains, washing helps to get rid of bad odor and to stem beard dandruff.


Oil /Moisturize your beard

The initial days of growing a beard are characterized by itching caused by contact of budding facial hair with the skin. However, this discomfort experienced in the first four weeks can be remedied by the simple practice of applying natural oil to the beard. Keeping your skin and beard clean and moisturized not only promotes growth but also prevents irritation and itchiness.

Beard oils and softeners provide nourishment to facial hair and at the same time keeps it soft and moist. They also help to treat beard dandruff. Take caution when selecting beard oil; avoid products with silicone as it has no nutritional value though it makes your beard appear shiny.

Brush your beard

If you want to attain that sharp look, keep your beard straight and flawless by brushing it daily. Brushing prevents the beard from getting tangled and at the same time helps to spread the beard oil evenly. You can employ the boar-bristle brushes or use the regular comb to achieve this objective. It is easier to style and shape a beard when it’s well-combed and moisturized than when tangled in knots.

Trim it

If you want to attain that stylish look, visit your barber or beard expert to advise you on the best way to trim your facial hair. Beard needs occasional trim to give it that unique shape key in enhancing your look. Depending on your hair type and sensitivity of your skin, you can either employ razors, clippers, scissors, or rotary electric shavers to suit your need.

If you are like me and like a close and smooth shave, you will want to get a straight razor kit. There are so many different straight razor shaving kits available today; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Look for kits that have the following features:

Razor Width And Size

large razors are more proficient at cutting through your thick, grizzled beard without any fuss


Does the kit include brushes to apply lather, leather strops to help straighten the blade, and shaving creams for a luxurious shaving experience?

Blade Sharpening Tool

If you purchase a “Hybrid” razor, you will need a sharpener?


Among other practices you should incorporate in caring for your beard include: use of antibacterial beard balm to disinfect your beard. Apart from killing microscopic organisms in the hair shafts, the disinfectant also softens your facial hair. You should stop picking your beard constantly, drink more water, stop smoking and drinking, have enough rest and exercise regularly. All these practices help to promote growth of facial hair.

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