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Make the Best First Impression With a New Men’s Watch

Gentleman's Guide To Choosing A Watch
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Maybe you’re getting into a new profession, and you want to have an attractive appearance and confidence, just like a well-dressed man. Maybe you’re gonna be interviewing for a new job and you want to make a fantastic first impression. We all know a nice watch says a lot about a guy!

Whatever your present scenario is, it’s always in your best interest to dress for success.

You actually don’t want your watch to be distracting. You just want to look good and make a great impression. That’s all.

Below are some great tips that will help you choose your new men’s watches:

#1 – Opt for a Reliable Brand

You actually don’t want to get an inexpensive common watch from a cheap store. You need to show class and confidence by going with brands like Seiko, Pulsar, Bulova, or Citizen.

#2 – Opt for a Traditional Dress Watch Design

Most of the time, you should steer clear of flashy wrist watches.

Professional workplaces (and particularly interviews) are generally no “bling” areas. You don’t want the watch to take the attention off of you and your credentials.

An informal watch or sports watch – does not really say professional or hey I am your go-to guy to get things done right.

#3 – Go With a Normal Sized Watch Case

For a traditional yet elegant men’s watch, you’ll have to have one that is:

  • 37 to 49 mm and diameter
  • less than 20 millimeters thick

Yes, you can easily find simple watch case sizes from all of the major brands.

Additionally, you want a watch that simply fits under the cuff of your long-sleeved dress shirt.
A fifty-seven mm case and 30 mm thick watch case will be totally unacceptable unless you’re interviewing for a Disc-jockey position at a club.

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#4 – Color Coordinate the Watch Exactly with Your Clothes and Other Things

Here’s some useful color information for men’s wrist watches:

  • If the watch has a red strap, then you need to dress in a brown belt and brown footwear.
  • A brown strap or gold bracelet style watch would certainly go best with a brown belt and dark-gray shoes.
  • If the watch has platinum hues, then you’ll need silver tones in your buckle.
  • If you’re dressed in a light blue suit, you may also need to try a wristwatch with an azure background on the dial.

#5 – There is no Need to get an Excessively Costly Watch

In case you work in a prestigious workplace (or you’re interviewing for any highly compensated placement as a professional), then a pricey brand – like a Rolex piece – may help you fit in, but for the majority of jobs, sporting a super pricey watch that is over the budget for most the employees you work with is a lousy idea.

Your finishing touches should scream hey I am here and I am one of the team.

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