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What Does a Man Want from a Woman He Loves?

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 Men and love. These are not two mutually exclusive entities that are not meant to be. Do you think of what men want from their women?

It is just that men have their quirks and eccentricities when it comes to love the women in their life.

Is it the chemistry, physical attraction, or personality that they are drawn to? What exactly is the big mystery?

If you too have been wondering what makes a man fall in love with a woman, what are his expectations, and what to do to make him swoon, get started by reading the pointers given below:

1. They Want Women To Feel Protected Around Them

couple love for ever - What Does a Man Want from a Woman He Loves?

As weird as it may seem, men often want to make women feel protected and taken care of when they are around. And it is not just as someone in the ‘friend zone’, but also as their S.O (significant other).

They want to make you feel safe physically and emotionally, even though they may not be vocal about it. Try and observe the nuances in their little actions, which may range from acts of chivalry to simply getting you to a tub of your favorite ice cream when you are craving it at midnight gifting you an enchanted rose to make you feel special, or buying your dog a cute Christmas scarf or a stunning gemstone jewelry.

Next time, do express how you feel safe and secure around your guy. They are sure going to love it!

2. They Want To Be In Their Lady Love’s Thoughts

This one’s a no-brainer.

Just like women, men too like to be constantly thought of by the person they love. Sentences that start with, “I was just thinking about you” or “You crossed my mind when this thing happened today” or even “I am lucky to have you in my life” will do the trick no matter how macho he is.

Not only will this make your guy see you in a more loving light, but also remember the gesture for a long time. They will be more likely to return the favor as well.

3. They Want To Be Looked Straight into the Eyes

Eyes can convey what words do not.

couple looking eyes to eyes - What Does a Man Want from a Woman He Loves?

Simply by staring at each other’s eyes, couples communicate a lot of their innermost feelings and desires. This is what keeps the spark in any relationship going. Men especially love it when their lady love looks straight and deep into their eyes instead of letting it wander here and there. Therefore, make it a point to use eye contact so that he feels every single word that you are speaking to him.

So, the next time you are saying something special to him or want him to listen to you more intently, make sure that you look directly into his eyes.

4. They Want Someone With a Compassionate Demeanor

Men love it when women are warm, compassionate, and genteel.

That doesn’t mean that they will dislike strong-willed and headstrong women! What they are looking forward to is someone who lends them an ear and gives them advice in a calm, soothing voice after a long-winding day at work. They need someone who will solve all the problems that can come their way, without losing their cool. They want someone to understand and assess every situation and then act.

5. They Want To Be Trusted

Faith or trust is another turn-on for men, who want their girlfriend or partner to completely believe them. To have faith in him to get things done and the trust that he will always be there, come what may. When you tell your boyfriend that it is in him that you trust the most, they will surely melt a bit inside and also, feel extremely buoyant because they just got labeled trustworthy and dependable.

This also encourages them to focus more on living up to their promises and do more activities that cement their faith in him.

6. They Want To Be Themselves

couple love walk - What Does a Man Want from a Woman He Loves?

No relationship is perfect. Riddled with flaws, there’s very little that you can do to ensure that your partner is 100% compatible with you and agree on almost everything that comes your way.

This rarely happens because apart from the gender-specific differences, you and your partner are individuals with a set of different habits and perspectives. It is what makes every one of us unique in our own way.

If your man has habits that do not go down well with you, talk about it instead of waging a war against him. Tell him what exactly can be done to overcome it and how you can help him in doing so.

These habits can include keeping empty bottles in the fridge or being too lazy to get up and switch off the lights before bedtime. But when it comes to habits that are a part of their individuality such as the sports teams they have always supported or going on solo road trips once a year, leave them be and encourage them to pursue their interests. They would definitely not like to be harangued over their hobbies and passions.

Respect their interests and they will respect yours equally. This takes us to the next point.

7. They Need Space

Whether you’re in a short-term or a long-term relationship, you need to give your man the space that he deserves. It sure is exciting to romance him, keep spending a lot of time with each other, and keep a track of the activities that you both do. However, at the end of the day, they are individuals with different life to lead.

For instance, as much as they would love to watch a movie hand-in-hand with you, they would also love to go swimming instinctively on a hot summer day! Similarly, they might want to spend time with their office buddies on certain special occasions. It is not as if he is going to ignore you completely, but would also be interested in pursuing other things and mingling with other people who are important to him.

Giving them space will also ensure that you both can nurture a fulfilling relationship without bogged down or feeling claustrophobic by each other’s presence. This will also help strengthen your bond as it will indicate that you are always with them no matter what decision they make.

8. They Need Encouragement and Appreciation

Every man needs encouragement from their partners. Whether it is in a game they play, for a job well done, or simply a chore or errand they run, encouragement will go a long way to ensure that they feel loved. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment no matter what obstacles come in their way.

appreciation between couples - What Does a Man Want from a Woman He Loves?

Likewise, they also love being appreciated by the special someone in their life. You can show that you appreciate his involvement in a community project that was close to you or even making the tiniest effort in household work when you’re not around. When you do this regularly, such as leaving a thank you note for them on the refrigerator or baking their favorite dessert, or even sealing it with a kiss, it will surely turn them on like never before. You can also surprise them by taking them out for a dinner or letting them discover you in a negligee of his choice when he returns from work. This will be better than any trophy won or any other token of hard work they get at work.

All you need to do is to find out a way to stamp your approval, recognition, appreciation, and encouragement for them.

9. They Want Honest Communication

Men do not like beating around the bush. What they want instead is honest and open communication. They are sticklers for facts and would love it more when their partners confidently put their thoughts across.

If you’re upset with them, tell them what is it that they did wrong. If they have forgotten something important, remind them gently instead of being harsh, critical, and sarcastic. If you need anything specific, drop copious hints, but they should be easy to decipher by your man.

By being straightforward with them, you’ll appear more confident and appealing as a person and that is sure to turn him on.

In short, don’t keep men guessing too much as it will only frustrate them till no end.

upon it rather than jumping to conclusions.

10. They Like To Get Intimate Differently

As opposed to women, men would like to get intimate differently. For them, getting intimate can be on several levels, and being physically intimate is one of the top ones. As much as they would like the women in their lives to be physically attractive, they would also want them to be active in bed and be compatible with them on a very close, and intimate level. They would also love it when women are intellectually intimate with them and give them something to talk about.

 To Conclude

For all the womenfolk out there, if you’ve been guessing and playing this wild goose chase when it comes to knowing how to impress the one you love, these are the points to start putting into practice. This will ensure that they will fall in love completely with you and if they are already in love with you, they will be totally awed and take the pains to make it work for a long time.

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